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New Native, Inc.

Industry Category: Baby's & Children's Products
Industry Type: Baby's & Children's Products


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Address:PO Box 218








About New Native, Inc.

Nancy Main started New Native® in 1992 with the goal of providing a tool to promote happy, healthy and harmonious parenting relationships. When babies are worn close to their care-giver, they feel more secure. This improves bonding and alleviates conflict. By instilling a sense of belonging and putting parents and children at ease, the New Native Baby Carrier was designed to contribute to the well being of the world community, one family at a time.
What is a “New Native”? A New Native is one connected with a place by birth, especially Earth; a human being who respects and values both the world we live in and all the living beings in it. A New Native strives for harmonious relationships with others as well as with Nature.

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