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Mrs. Lavender Cleaning & Housekeeping, Inc.

Industry Category: Building Cleaning & Janitorial
Industry Type: Building Cleaning & Janitorial


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Address:5041 22nd St. S








About Mrs. Lavender Cleaning & Housekeeping, Inc.

We offer competitive rates for each of our service packages. We can rotate certain tasks to work within your budget. We offer onsite consultation in your home, building or business. Keep in mind as well that we pay living wages and our certified ECOCREWS are awarded extra bonuses based on performace. Our commercial quotes will be conducted by trained and certified ECOCREW chiefs or management.
Many cleaning companies, large and small, focus only on cost effective cleaning practices. This style of cleaning rarely, if ever, takes into consideration what we like to call the LongView. The LongView is a commitment to routines that over time will change the look and feel of your home or office. We will not sacrifice this value.

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