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MicroSeal FPS

Industry Category: Cleaning Products
Industry Type: Cleaning Products


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Address:807 E Bayou Pkwy








About MicroSeal FPS

MicroSeal is an environmentally friendly non-Teflon (PFOA) based product. Its one time application process will withstand ten professional cleanings without loosing its protective qualities.
MicroSeals premium formula is guaranteed to adhere to all types of fabrics, natural and synthetic, without changing their color or texture. A single application will continue to protect against staining and UV damage through 10 professional cleanings.
MicroSeal is warranted to protect your fabrics against all types of stains except those that are highly acidic, Iodine based, bleach, Ink dyes, or food dyes. We offer our customers a money back guarantee and a lifetime service warranty with every application.

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