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Maid Green Clean, LLC

Industry Category: Cleaning Services
Industry Type: Cleaning Services


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Address:8006 Madison Pike Suite 1A








About Maid Green Clean, LLC

Maid Green Clean was founded with the sincerest desire to contribute a positively healthy influence in the lives of the families and businesses in which it serves by improving indoor air quality and reducing the exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.
DANGER! – – WARNING! – – CAUTION! are three words that will never be found on bottles of cleaners used by Maid Green Clean.
Maid Green Clean actually manufactures its very own line of highly effective, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents in order to ensure superior effectiveness, thereby making our products every bit as effective at cleaning as their toxic counterparts and they do so without harming people, pets and planet.
* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
* Flexible & affordable services
* We’re licensed & bonded
* We certify our cleaning team
* We supervise for consistency
* We’re insured against damages
* We reduce allergens in your home
* We use only natural, nontoxic cleaners

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