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Lighting and Power Solutions, Inc.

Industry Category: Office & Home
Industry Type: Office & Home


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Address:217 North Chester Street

City:Little Rock







About Lighting and Power Solutions, Inc.

We are comprised of 2 target market divisions Lighting and Power. In both divisions we target all market segments Commercial, Industrial, Utility, and Residential. We combine both Geographical and Market Specialist criteria in assigning sales territory representation. Geographical assignment is used for Distribution Channel Focus maximizing Face Time through territory assignment and Satellite Offices. Market Specialists are responsible for overall market planning and focus and may overlap traditional geographical boundaries to utilize expertise at targeted End Users. Our people are compensated on Salary + Incentive programs. This encourages a Team atmosphere and prevents internal boundaries. Identifying electrical product market channels; Consulting, Distribution, Contracting, and End User. We utilize our diverse internal resources and long-standing relationships within each channel to maximize our principal exposure to each applicable channel, targeting sales and profitability growth, and ultimately increasing
market penetration.

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