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Kiwi Services

Industry Category: Cleaning Services
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Address:1289 N Post Oakouston








About Kiwi Services

Carpet cleaning services from our company comes with one year of unlimited return visits. It’s the Kiwi 1-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty. Our Dallas carpet cleaning customers have been taking advantage of this offer for over 12 years. Now we are offering the same unparalleled service to Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Austin Texas. Carpet cleaners that you may be considering cannot match our carpet cleaning prices. It’s yours when you become a Kiwi customer today! Just call the Professional Kiwi Carpet Cleaners in your city and get today’s special. Do not forget to inquire about Air Duct Cleaning Service, rug cleaning, or if you have Water Damage, flood emergency, or carpet repair call us any time 24/7 for immediate dispatch.

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