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GreenSorb is an eco-friendly, multi-purpose absorbent that is more effective on more types of spills than competing absorbent products.  It creates a cleaner & safer work environment in all industries while saving money.  Use less GreenSorb material and create less downstream waste into landfills, which is significant cost savings.  The lower-cost-per-use product also delivers other cost saving advantages such as using less water and less cleaning solutions when cleaning spills – an overall savings of time as well.

GreenSorb converts hazardous liquids into solid waste.  It works in wet, dry, outside or inside conditions.

Works on all types of liquid spills such as:  fuels, hydraulic and motor oils, cleaning acids, solvents, paints, sewage, biological & more.  GreenSorb is used in Aerospace/Aviation, Chemical industry, Jan-San, commercial cleaning operations, restaurants, Facilities Maintenance, Heavy-Duty Equipment operators, industrial facilities, fire departments, machine shops, automotive and trucking, large MROs, Commercial Airlines, General Aviation & Airport Operations.

See for more information including:  brochures, lab tests, and the MSDS.

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