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Green Science Industries

Industry Category: Pest Conrol
Industry Type: Pest Control


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Address:166 Victory Blvd

City:Staten Island







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About Green Science Industries

Green Science Industries has revolutionized the way we treat bugs in our homes and businesses. As a Green company, Green Science Industries has implemented systems and technologies to help you live in a more Eco-friendly way, becoming more environmentally friendly and reducing the amount of pollution and waste generated. These implementations make a difference to the Earth and to future generations, in addition to saving money and conserving resources.

As a green company, Green Science Industries is here to provide you with the natural, chemical free tools you need to protect your family and home from unwanted pest. And as a family owned an operated business, we understand that nothing matters more to you than the safety and security of your family. That’s why we are offering an arsenal of 100% non-toxic safe products for all your needs. Safe to the environment and safe to ourselves, Green Science industries is eco-friendly but bug deadly.

We have a product that’ll eliminate bedbugs. One spray of this product will kill a bedbug in 30 seconds and is non-toxic–works just like pesticide while being safe for humans and pets. This product can be used by anyone and has a rating of 25a from the FDA which means this is not a pesticide. Works just like one even better.

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