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Industry Category: Baby's & Children's Products
Industry Type: Baby's & Children's Products


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Address:P.O. Box 95506

City:South Jordan







About Fuzbaby

Fuzbaby is a family-sustaining business. We have had many opportunities to grow into mass production and distribution. Though we have carefully considered these possibilities, we decided we like the sustainable level we have reached. We practice Smallering.

What is Smallering? Using sustainable materials, making shorter chains between producers of natural resources and end-users, paying fair wages, making local connections, advocating responsible consumption, including children in the process, and more. We encourage all of this in the context of natural living. In the midst of this attitude of sustainability, Smallering means growing a business only as much as you want to grow it. Very small, or a bit bigger—but only a size that suits you. Smallering is running your business rather than letting it run you.

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