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Entretien Memo Inc.

Industry Category: Building Cleaning & Janitorial, Cleaning Services
Industry Type: Building Cleaning & Janitorial, Security, Landscaping


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Address:4364 Ste Anne



Zip:H9H-2Z4 Canada





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About Entretien Memo Inc.

Since 2004, Entretien Memo has been in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry with their high level of standards and equipment, as well as their commitment to being an environmentally friendly company. What makes us different?  The answer is simple: dedication. We are highly committed to offering the absolute best level of customer service, and our main goal is to satisfy our customers.

Entretien Memo is a 100% Green Company. That’s right! In 2010, with a desire to be a part of a more environmentally conscious world, we began our certification process to become a Green Company. During the same year, and after fulfilling all of the requirements from the Green Business Bureau, Entretien Memo was awarded as a Green Certificated Cleaning Company. Not only do we take pride in our business, but now we take pride in being friendly to our planet by using green and renewable products.

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