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Danfield, Inc./EcoHides

Industry Category: Office & Home
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Address:6401 Flotilla St.








About Danfield, Inc./EcoHides

EcoHides™ is the new earth-friendly high quality leather product derived from farm-bred Mimosa trees. Danfield, Inc. has developed a revolutionary process using natural vegetable products and waxes to create a pliable soft leather hide suitable for products ranging from leather shoes to furniture. By utilizing natural colorants, vegetable products and waxes, Danfield Inc. created EcoHides™, a soft and pliable leather, without harming the environment. Danfield’s commitment to produce a product in complete harmony and respect for Mother Nature and its natural eco-systems rests not only in EcoHides™ but in how the company runs its facility. Danfield alleviates its affect on the environment by reducing the plant’s energy consumption, minimizing production waste and using recycled water to treat the hides.

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