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Contrax Furnishings

Industry Category: Furnishings
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Address:690 Northeast 23rd Avenue 

City:Gainesville, FL







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About Contrax Furnishings

As a leading provider of educational equipment, Contrax Furnishings supplies quality school furniture to districts across the United States.  Contrax stands out in the furnishings industry as a firm that provides unparalleled services to our customers.  Our customers desire and benefit from higher quality products, competitively-bid purchasing contracts, full logistical support, and long‐term service for their furnishings.  Contrax is also committed to serving our community and environment.  Our efforts in the community include the distribution of surplus reusable furniture to relief organizations in the U.S. and overseas.  Contrax also works with manufacturers who are MAS Certified Green and Greenguard certified in order to encourage sustainability practices, environmental stewardship, and enhanced indoor air quality.

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