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Cara de Planta


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Address:Hermenegildo Galeana 450 Casco Urbano

City:Nuevo León



Phone:+52 (81) 8340 1511




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About Cara de Planta

Cara de Planta is a user friendly modular vertical gardening system, that you can install by yourself, without much hassle and effort. It’s really that easy! Since it comes with its own wall anchors, its installation can be done by practically anyone. With no need for additional heavy and expensive frames, it’s a versatile option for the decoration of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Cara de Planta is a docile system. Not only with its owner, but with its inhabitants, the plants. Its fabulous design gives theplants enough root space to allow their healthy and full development. Besides, Cara de Planta allows plant’s roots to self air prune, keeping them healthy and fibrous. Put a green smile on your spaces with Cara de Planta, the most versatile, fun and functional modular vertical gardening system. Cara de Planta is a 100% Mexican product.

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