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A+ Lawn-Scapes LLC

Industry Category: Landscaping/Lawncare
Industry Type: Landscaping


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Address:5563 Hoffman Road






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About A+ Lawn-Scapes LLC

A+ Lawn-Scapes LLC is a company founded to change the way landscaping is done today. Our mission is, To provide “ECO-landscaping” value through service, education and new technology. We provide professional landscaping services completely emissions free, which means zero gas or oil used in our machines to keep from polluting our communities. In addition to our “zero emissions and cleaner machines”, they also produce about half of the noise that traditional “Gas” machines do. We only use organic fertilizers and provide environmentally safe solutions for all landscaping projects. We will provide and educate on composting, rain barrels, irrigation, plant selection, and hydrozoning to ensure a sustainable landscape for our clients.

We provide professional landscaping services at a value for commercial and residential clients throughout our community of greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area. Our services include all landscaping projects for spring and fall, basic lawn care, and leaf removal. We also sell and install above ground swimming pools and liners. We will offer 24/7 snow removal at a value, for our commercial clients, as needed.

A most common belief today is that “ECO friendly or Organic” products and services cost much more than traditional ones. We will be competitive in every project we do, and together we will provide a clean, safe environment for our communities and our future generations.

A+ Lawn-Scapes company is most passionate about two things:
Eco-Landscaping with integrity, the way mother nature would approve.
Professional personal service showing competitive value on every project.

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