Wapiti Labs Inc.

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Wapiti Labs is a producer and manufacturer of holistic pet supplements and elk antler chews for dogs, derived from organic, naturally-shed elk velvet antler. Elk antler is harvested on their certified elk ranch located in Minnesota. Their supplements are used to treat a variety of conditions including liver, kidney and joint issues, circulation and digestion issues, muscle recovery and injury recovery time, to increase endurance and energy levels and to aid in coping with stress.

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Inharmony health Connections

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Holistic Health Coaching for women who need balance their life by losing weight , decrease craving for sugar , and improve their energy naturally.

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Anya Flow

October 07, 2012 | By: GBB | Comments Off on Anya Flow

Anya Flow is a community hub that creates space for individuals to explore being awake in their bodies. Being awake means you are fully aware and present with your now. Yoga guides us towards the path of being awake and connecting with our mind, body and spirit. We simply encourage individuals to love their lives and live their love.

Our passion for yoga extends to a strong passion for the health of individuals and for our planet. Anya Flow also offers holistic wellness counseling for individuals who are looking to make small changes to get big positive results.

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Wisdom of Wool

February 02, 2012 | By: GBB | Comments Off on Wisdom of Wool

We are a local manufacturer of natural wool bedding. Our products are made with only 100% natural wool and 100% organic cotton–without the use of any chemicals. All of our wool comes from the Pacific Northwest region of the USA: Washington, Oregon and Northern California. We sew and assemble them in Portland, Oregon.
We make by hand wool comforters, wool pillows, & wool mattress pads. We offer these in a variety of sizes, from Crib to King Size.

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June 01, 2011 | By: GBB | Comments Off on EcoDiscountStore.com

Eco Discount Store is an online store that provides merchants with an avenue to sell their eco products to customers.

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Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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