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Slick Technologies LLC

January 23, 2017 | By: Kevin Ng | Comments Off on Slick Technologies LLC

Slick believes that the conscious use of natural resources and time must live in harmony with efficiency and value.  For our customers, our team, and our planet.

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Natural Maidens

January 12, 2017 | By: Kevin Ng | Comments Off on Natural Maidens

We are an all natural residential and commercial cleaning company that started in 2008. I am a mother of 2 and a avid dog lover. I wanted to have a cleaning business that would be safe for all walks of life and kind to our environment. In addition, my family is sensitive to chemicals found in everyday household cleaning products. I wanted to to transfer my knowledge of cleaning my own home in the most natural and safest way. 

– Be kind to our earth and kind to one another.

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January 04, 2017 | By: Kevin Ng | Comments Off on

OEM Auto Parts, LLC d.b.a. was founded upon green practices. partners with auto recyclers and the general public to recycle automotive audio and video equipment. These pull-out parts are refurbished and resold to the general public keeping harmful chemicals such as mercury out of our environment. Furthermore, the structure in which the company operates has countless green compliments to the construction and insulation of the building.

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Lift & Sprint

December 01, 2016 | By: Kevin Ng | Comments Off on Lift & Sprint

Lift & Sprint is an outdoor strength and conditioning bootcamp located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our 45 minute bootcamp workouts have our members slamming ropes, swinging kettlebells, bounding through running drills and throwing punches.  Our members see the value of utilizing our public parks to exercise rather than opting for a traditional gym. We offer effective, yet fun workouts using minimal equipment. With varied formats and functional movement patterns we create strong, fit bodies in an inspiring outdoor environment.

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Greenheart International

November 21, 2016 | By: Kevin Ng | Comments Off on Greenheart International

Founded in 1985, Greenheart International is endorsed by the city of Chicago for the promotion of international education, environmental awareness, and citizen diplomacy. Greenheart connects people and planet to create global leaders through personal development, volunteer service, environmentalism, fair trade, and cultural exchange. This is achieved through the branches Greenheart TravelGreenheart ShopGreenheart Transforms, and CCI Greenheart. Greenheart envisions a world in which communities come together as agents of change to create a more peaceful and sustainable future for all.

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November 03, 2016 | By: Kevin Ng | Comments Off on

As the #1 automotive site on the web, is committed to a purpose that reaches beyond Profit—we employ a triple bottom line that places deep emphasis on People and Planet.

We aim to use our position to effect change for the better across the transportation realm, and invest our resources in eco-friendly endeavors, as well as partnerships with businesses that are committed to zero-waste and eco-centric initiatives.

To us, being green includes utilizing our site to raise awareness of our impact on our planet and promote healthy habits for drivers across the nation, as well as creating a zero-waste workplace that uses organic, non-chemical, and recyclable products throughout, and practices a robust in-house recycling/re-use program with extensive tracking of our food waste and compost metrics.

As part of our values, sustainability lives at the core of our company culture. Each team member recognizes that they have a vital part to play in keeping sustainability alive. As we live out our commitment to our planet, we will continue to strive for new and exciting ways to create meaningful change.

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