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BTK Communications Group, LTD


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Panoptic Media


Panoptic Media is a forward-leaning video and interactive media provider. Cincinnati-based Panoptic helps companies around the world communicate their benefits to prospects, customers, employees, and investors. From corporate overview and tradeshow videos to interactive CD-ROMs and videos for The Web, our focus is business communications. Since 1991 we’ve made the complex simple and the ordinary extraordinary. Our award-winning team is unsurpassed in their ability to tell your story, demonstrate your product and differentiate your business. See how we can help.


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New Context Productions


Live music for meetings, parties, retreats, experiential settings. Enlivens and transforms professional workshops and seminars. Tailored to your needs. Jazz, Latin, African, folk, environmental, improvisational.


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Earth Advertising


Branding, public relations, e-media, content for growing green businesses. Award-winning campaigns and services to attract new customers or investors with multi-platform sales tools.


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GreenCenterTV broadcasts videos and provides production services for many green businesses. We help you to promotes your green business.


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Provokare Presentation


If you want to position yourself at the forefront of the green and socially responsible movement — the movement that will be responsible for creating a better world for future generations — then every member of your family, organization or business needs to begin to act as a socially responsible person.
You will learn that being at the forefront of the socially responsible movement is a lot easier than you may think, and that the key to provoking change is inspiring people to act.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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