JD Ventures/JD Roof Company


We are Memphis based & family owned specializing in Solar & Eco-Friendly Roof projects.

We are proud of the fact that we are the only “Green” (Eco) friendly contractor in this category. We hold the Tennessee’s specialty license for Solar & Roof Instillation.

Our installers are trained and well supervised. We install an array of high quality preferred brands. We offer Energy Star products, many of which are tax deductible. We will gladly handle your insurance claim.


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FEI Solar


World wide distribution company of ‘solar modules’ , ‘portable solar products’ and various energy equipment.
Design; Research; Promote & Market the most advanced & efficient “SOLAR PV systems” available,for residential & commercial applications
Portable Solar Chargers
Jun 2010 to present
Marketing various portable solar chargers throughout USA..
We have now gone international,


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Cansolair Inc.


Cansolair Inc. manufactures the Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX air heating panel, considered to be the most powerful for it’s size and flow rate in the industry. These versatile solar air heating panels can be used to process or crop dry, space heat, pre heat ventilation air or even heat water with an exchanger. For more information on our product or how to find a representative or join our growing team of Qualified Installers, Resellers and Dealers; please contact Cansolair Inc. or visit our website at:


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Roller Die + Forming, Inc: Solar Division


Roller Die + Forming, Inc. is passionate about solar’s

future in producing energy for our planet. They are leading producers of solar panel mounting solutions, such as

solar panels mounted atop large buildings and parking structures. Our Solar division is one of our most exciting,

high-growth endeavors, and a great outlet for our commitment to Earth.


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Iris Hellas


The Renewable Energy sector of Iris Hellas distributes,resells & integrates photovoltaic systems.
Production of Ready Roof Solar Kits for end customers, resellers & installers of photovoltaic systems.
Great prices & availability to all of our brand products (BP,Dupont,Isofoton,Kaneka,Rec,LG,Photowatt,Trina,Sanyo,Schott, Sharp,Solarworld,Solon, Sunpower,Suntech,Q-Cells,Yingli,Dafnoss, Fronius,Kaco,Kostal,SMA, SolarEdge,SolarMax, Renusol,Schletter etc).


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Texas Solar Power Company


Texas Solar Power Company (TXSPC) specializes in the design, sales and installation of renewable energy equipment and systems. We offer affordable and dependable photovoltaic (solar), wind generation, solar thermal and rain harvesting products and systems. Texas Solar Power Co. provides an alternative and sustainable power source along with the highest quality of service for residential, commercial, government, marine, RV and remote applications.


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Pave Guard Technologies Inc.


Pave Guard Technologies, Inc. has combined subsurface heating with solar energy to present a system that will eliminate snow and ice from forming on pavement while serving as an alternative energy source. The Pave Guard System is a proprietary solar energy system that heats paved surfaces, preventing the formation of snow and black ice, thus eliminating the use of harmful and destructive chemicals used to melt snow and ice.


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EcoDirect is dedicated to creating awareness of and delivering renewable energy, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient products to the global market. Our online store offers a variety of products that will reduce your energy consumption, generate renewable energy, and protect the environment.


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Reduce your utilities by installing solar panels. Take advantage of rebates, tax credits, and feed-in tariffs. A solar consultant will provide you with a free detailed report on the ROI based on a suitable sized system. Determine the best location and address any shading issues for optimum output. Complete the daunting rebate paperwork. Navigate the permitting process and complex fire and electrical code requirements and interconnection procedure. Get a free quote at today!


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Boa Boy Productions


Free illustrated instructions are given on how to make a small practical solar power generator for less than $300.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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