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From reusable grocery bags to green cleaning products to complete green baby care, Green-kits offers a perfectly packaged green kit for everything. Green-kits takes the guesswork out of choosing the most effective earth friendly cleaning products, household products, reusable grocery bags, and great green gifts.
Our kits contain the leading brands of non-toxic household cleaning products, environmentally-friendly paper and household goods, earth friendly baby care, and certified organic shopping and grocery bags – organized and assembled in easy-to-use kits. And we don’t stop our green efforts there. Any of our products and green kits are available in environmentally friendly gift form – making it easier than ever to give that perfect green gift today.


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Yard Genie LP


At Yard Genie, we’ve been selling our time saving, money saving product for several years. Our environmentally responsible product is made using recycled plastics and using it benefits our ecology.
Judging from our customer survey responses, we can say the Yard Genie has become successful. We’re proud to have made a product that will last year after year and by using less paper yard bags, pay for itself.


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We have always been leaders in the reusables movement and fighting the mindless over-consumption of “use & toss” items. Realizing early on the absurdity of the prevailing disposables mentality, we’ve inspired a grassroots movement toward more sensible, conscious consumption of disposables.


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4 – Ever Green Shopping Bags


Start using reusable green bags, whenever you shop, doing groceries or need to carry things. Always keep a set of 3 or 4 bags in your car, they will be available to you at all time. Before you know it, it will become a good new habit.
Our bags are made from 100% polypropylene (PP or Plastic # 5), with the exception of the handles which are made of nylon for strength and durability, our shopping bags are extremely sturdy, water resistant, wipe clean easily, attractive, and can be personalized.


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Supply biodegradable,re-usable and disposable shopping bags as an alternative to plastic carrier bags. Includes details of products and on-line shopping. Bags are made of 100% cotton cloth with free eco-friendly custom print.


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LiveGreen is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and is working towards a zero footprint. With renewable solar electricity for our facilities, as well as recycling and composting our waste, we are well on our way.


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My Own Bag


My Own Bag is a small company located in Duboce Triangle neighborhood of San Francisco We make unique reusable shopping bags, including a large line of limited edition reusable shopping bags. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our reusable shopping bags. Our customers are considerate of the environment and also appreciate design and creativity. Please view some of the Testimonials to see what they say about our bags and how they use them.


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Save A Tree Bag Company


We’ve been making canvas bags and promoting reusability since 1970! Totes and aprons of organic and conventional cotton. Custom printing and customized styles available


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Simple Peace Bags


Simple Peace is the brainchild of DeAnna Reposa who feels that going green does not have to involve compromising quality or style. While on a mission to reduce her paper/plastic bag suburban shopping lifestyle, DeAnna started using paper bags exclusively. Then she went to reusing paper bags that were kept in the back of her car. Still dissatisfied with her ecological impact, she bought every reusable canvas, fabric, polypropylene recycled product, and wasn’t yet satisfied. “They were too flimsy. The more I learned about the environmental impacts of grocery shopping, the more I became obsessed with not only buying organic, local foods, but also with finding a fabric to make a bag to bring it home. I wanted fabric that was organic or sustainable and beautiful.”


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Stepping Stones


SteppingStones – manufacturer of the EcoSac® Shopping Bag System (100% cotton & organic bags) – is proud to have been part of the renewable, sustainable movement since well before green was “cool.” And today, as plastic bags are phased out in retail / grocery stores and entire cities & counties, and reusable shopping bags are progressively being phased in, SteppingStones’ bags will be there to provide a long lasting, durable, eco-friendly yet aesthetic, option.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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