Five Brothers Two


Family owned and operated, Five Brothers Two is a cuban grocery store that also sells cuban cuisine such as speciality lunch’s (beans, rice, plantains, cuban bread, and meat of the day), as well as a variety of cuban pressed sandwiches. This business started with Carmen Garcia’s Grandpa in Havana, Cuba and is now carried out here in the Florida Keys. There an outside screened in area that provides a sitting area for guests to eat and as mentioned early a mini grocery selection that proves the basics of cuban cuisine such as spices, cuban coffee makers, etc.


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Keya’s Mini Donuts


Keya’s Mini Donuts is an eco-friendly sweet shop in the Charlestown Mall selling mini donuts, cheesecake, funnel cake, coffee and soft drinks. They use eco-friendly products to serve food and also sell gift cards and use paperless billing to save trees and energy. Enjoy fresh mini donuts and coffee while lowering your carbon footprint.


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Happy Veggie Restaurant


Full Vegan sit down Restaurant IN South Bay, California


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Cafe Flora


Seattle’s award-winning vegetarian restaurant. Creative dishes from global culinary traditions. Casual, elegant setting includes year-round patio dining. Fine wines and beers. Lunch, dinner, weekend brunch.


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Java Green is a “green” business, starting with using organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic breads, organic beans, organic rice, organic noodles, organic soy sauce (wheat free), organic sugar, organic cheese and organic flour. We also only use organic dairy, organic soy milk, and organic fruits in all our drinks, juices, smoothies, coffees and tea.

Fair Trade
Java Green believes strongly in supporting small farmers by buying “Fair Trade” products, such as coffee, tea, sugar, bananas, cocoa powder and syrups.

Wind Power
Java Green is a member of the Clean Energy Partnership and purchases 100% of wind power to offset its small carbon footprint and reinforce our commitment to the environment.

Although Java Green’s business is primarily the busy lunchtime crowd, it uses real chinaware to reduce the use of disposable containers. We also offer our clients biodegradable serving ware and carry-out bags made from corn, sugar cane fiber, and potato starch.


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Coppi’s Organic Restaurant


Our Green Pledge
• Sustainedly sourced fish
• Local Organic Produce
• Grass Fed/Free RangeMeats/Poultry
• Wood Burning Oven
• Wind Power Electricity
• Low wattage light bulbs
And most importantly, all menu products
are handmade fresh from scratch daily


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Sonoma Restaurant


Sonoma’s mission is to highlight the Mid-Atlantic’s best naturally-raised and local ingredients and pair the creations with the best American and Italian wines.

Sonoma and Blue Ridge are the ventures of longtime friends Eli Hengst and Jared Rager. The duo, who met as undergrads at Middlebury College, went into business together in 2002 and dedicated themselves to developing neighborhood restaurants.

We strive to integrate sustainable practices in all our restaurants: from sourcing local ingredients, to our use of renewable energy sources, we aspire to be more than just a culinary trend-setter


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Beaver’s is a great place to hang out and enjoy friends, fun drinks and great food – it’s just “DAM GOOD!” With menus that focus on Texas coastal cuisines and playful (but serious) cocktails, beer and wine, Beaver’s takes the traditional Texas icehouse to another level.


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Jason’s Deli


At Jason’s Deli, we’re all about healthy food. We’ve even been named “One of the 10 Best Restaurants in America!” in the July 2009 issue of Parents Magazine. You won’t find high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or MSG in any of our food – just healthy, fresh and even organic foods. From sandwiches to salads, Jason’s Deli offers healthy food that everyone can feel good about. And it’s not only healthy food – it’s delicious food.


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Ruggles Green


Ruggles Green is Green Restaurant Certified by the Green Restaurant Association. We offer delicious menu items that incorporate organic, all-natural, hormone-free, preservative-free, products that are always delicious. We strive to preserve the environment through our actions in recycling, conservation, the use of sustainable products, and simple common sense.


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t’afia ~ a restaurant from Chef Monica Pope, offering casual evening dining, Tuesday – Saturday and Friday Prix Fixe Lunch.


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Green Vegetarian Cuisine


green is more than just our name. It also stands for the way we do business. What we have done: installed an energy efficient thermal roof barrier to reduce energy consumption, reused an existing circa 1896 structure to help revitalize an area of downtown. green has also reused the majority of its restaurant equipment from refrigerators to booths/tables. green has a recycling dumpster for cardboard, a large bike rack, fair trade organic coffee, free range eggs, uses biodegradable packaging when possible, and will eventually install a cistern to capture rainwater for landscape maintenance. We have free wifi and plenty of places to plug in your power cord.

green will be a part of San Antonio’s transition from one of the fattest cities to one of the fittest cities. Our goal is to occupy a smaller footprint and be a more sustainable


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Boxwood Bistro


We are people with a passion for food and wine. We are also a family rooted in a community accustomed to familiar surroundings with pure and honest tastes. Once John and Peggy Franks discovered the old payroll office of the historic industrial factory at Franklin it seemed a perfect venue to launch Boxwood Bistro as a dining addition to one of the best small towns in the country. After much consideration a design in keeping with the spirit of local architecture proved conducive to an atmosphere and ambiance soothing to the southern soul and tradition. White table clothes find a friend in elegance while bistro brings out the causal diner in us all. This is really who we are … people who want something hard to find, yet, simple in pleasure.


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Project Green Fork


Greening Memphis area restaurants.


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White Dog Cafe


We work to leave things better than we found them. From our careful selection of food and service providers to our recycling/reuse policies, carbon offset project and work with Chefs Collaborative and area farmers, White Dog Cafe.
Some of the ways we serve the earth: Alternative Energy, Support organic agriculture, Respect animals, Recycle, Reducing food waste, Reduce energy use, Conscientiously use natural resources, Reducing air & water pollution and Environmental education.


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Candle Cafe


Candle Cafe is dedicated to bettering the health of the individual and the planet by serving food fresh from farm to tableâ„¢. Our organic vegan cuisine is rooted in sustainability, eco-friendly practices, local farming, and compassion for animals.


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When it comes to diet what could be more eco-conscious or “green” than eating vegan? Plain and simple, a well balanced plant based diet is healthy and harmless. Living a green lifestyle shouldn’t stop with what we eat, it should extend to what we wear, which products we purchase and which companies and organizations


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Angelica Kitchen


Vegan restaurant and model for a community oriented, nutritionally based enterprise. Commitment to local, ecological growers and cottage industries is evident throughout the menu.


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The Angry Trout Cafe


Located on the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior in the town of Grand Marais, Minnesota, the Angry Trout Cafe is a small indoor/outdoor restaurant cobbled together out of an old commercial fishing shanty that clings to the edge of Grand Marais Harbor. From this beautiful setting we offer a menu based on the bounty of Lake Superior and the surrounding region – locally-grown produce, hand-harvested wild rice, and of course, our specialty, fresh Lake Superior fish.
The Angry Trout Cafe is committed to operating in accordance with the concept of sustainability, striving to have a positive effect on our community economically, socially, and environmentally. Some examples of our sustainable business practices include serving organically- and sustainably-raised foods, using wind-powered electricity, and investing in our neighborhood economy by purchasing as much as we can from local providers.


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North Pond


Chef Bruce Sherman holds true to the Arts and Crafts ideal in the culinary philosophy of North Pond restaurant. Drawing inspiration from the local market, he utilizes exceptional ingredients at the height of their season. Whenever possible, Chef Sherman supports small local farmers and treats their products with respect in his kitchen. The path from earth to plate remains clear and his cuisine reflects the d̩cor of the dining room Рcomplex layers of subtle craft beneath a simple decorative style.


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Green Zebra


There is no doubt that with the uniqueness of our menu, expectations will be diverse as well as high. We at Green Zebra will focus simply on being a genuine restaurant devoted to the celebration of seasonality, freshness and flavor. In an era of “high-tech”, we will be “high-touch”, with the emphasis on customer recognition, providing personalized service, rewarding customer loyalty, and giving our guests an experience that’s worthy and will make us proud.


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Argo Tea, Inc.


We are passionate about bringing teas directly from growers around the world and blending them into unique and delicious signature beverages and teas. We are committed to being a sustainable business by working with the best local and global tea, coffee, and food artisans and by contributing back to our communities to promote a healthy lifestyle and the conservation of natural resources. We are dedicated to delivering consistent quality and a genuine customer experience “one customer and one cup at a time” and to providing the “Argo experience” through our innovative approach of rediscovering the diversity and tradition of teas. We promote diversity by empowering our employees and leveraging our customers’ feedback, which together results in the best products, people, and business.


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Pizza Fusion


Everything! From our concern for the environment to our concern for your health, Pizza Fusion is not your typical restaurant or business, for that matter. Michael Gordon and Vaughan Lazar, co-founders of Pizza Fusion, stepped outside the boundaries of the traditional business model to create an organization built around integrity.


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Dandelion Communitea Cafe


Award-winning organic and vegetarian cuisine and tea. Local art, music, and events in a charming bungalow house. Outdoor patio overlooking a medicinal community garden


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Green Vibration & Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe


“The mecca for sustainable living in Connecticut.” Organic, vegan, vegetarian, live food cafe serving non-GMO and local foods; state-wide delivery of sustainable goods, eco-boutique featuring organic bedding, linens, and non-toxic body care products and cleaners; “green” yoga studio offering Earth-based programs for kids and eco-friendly birthday parties. Home of the “Mamalution” — a (de)evolution of mothers nationwide offering “green” solutions, consultations, and cleaning services to inspire change to begin in the home.


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Eco-safe Systems USA


Eco-Safe Systems is the manufacturer of patent pending water treatment and water reclamation systems. Our technologies produce ozonated water for food disinfection and water purification at significantly less maintenance cost and greater energy savings than our competitors in a completely green and organic manner.


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Ubuntu Restaurant


Our mission at Ubuntu is to bring to our customers a bounty of local biodynamically gardened produce handled with care and skill by talented artisans and chefs providing an unparallel experience connecting our customers to the bounty of the earth. Our mission is extended beyond the customer and includes providing a sustainable workplace environment and interconnectedness with our providers and our local communities.


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Greens Restaurant


Greens Restaurant was a pioneer in establishing vegetarian cuisine in the United States. In the 60’s and 70’s, vegetarian restaurants were mostly small out-of-the way cafés. There was no high profile vegetarian restaurant in the United States. Greens changed that by raising the bar, by placing vegetarian cuisine on a level with other fine dining restaurants. We have been reviewed by food and design magazines from the time we opened. Today we are surprised if a good restaurant does NOT have vegetarian options. Greens helped pave the way for this acceptance.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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