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Key West Business Guild


The mission of the Key West Business Guild is to promote LGBT travel to Key West through marketing and the promotion of specialty events; to support gay-owned, gay-managed, and gay-friendly businesses; to strengthen the Gay community’s position within the local community by supporting relevant LGBT issues.


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Rio Designs


Platinum GBB Member

Rio Designs Service Lifestyle PR News EST.2012

Marketing & Branding – ECO Green Awareness

Christine Feldmann, Founder

Rio Designs understands today’s business landscape and can help you grow faster and stronger by getting your messages out to those who matter most — and within your budget. That’s why they have created a full- Service Lifestyle PR News – Production Development packages designed to save you money. Rio Designs focusses on national and international branding – marketing with PR News Article(s) featuring your business in a positive light. Rio Designs PR News Solutions provides you with everything you need to jump-start your branding efforts and reach a potential audience of millions. Get your message out to your target audience through our extensive Strategic Social Media Implementation solutions, combined with the power and reach of our PR News Article featuring your company. Increase your public prominence by making an image available to an audience of thousands. They also offer exclusively a full service of Production Development packages. Thus enhancing the connection with the right people, through the powerful targeting capabilities and optimizing your release for search engine visibility. By working on a freelance basis they are able to provide you with the same results as a large company without the overhead costs. Learn more about the professional services provided by the talented staff at Rio Designs

We offer Online – Service Lifestyle PR News Solutions / Packages

•Eco Green Awareness


•PR News Article(s)

•Public Relations

•Fashion Production Development

•BTS – Behind The Scenes Videography & Photography

•Strategic Social Media Implementation

•Branding and Marketing

•Logo Creations


•Email marketing

•Tag Lines

– Creative Marketing Strategies – Via 3rd Party Printing:

•Business Card Designs

•Brochure Designs

•Car Magnets Logo Designs

•Tote Logo Bags Designs

•T- Shirt Logo Designs

● WordPress – Website Development ● Webmaster Administrative Service

● Social Media Implementation Solutions



3.Google +



Rio Designs – Local Social Media Coach

Coaching: Seminars, Classes, Business Meetings, One on One and Virtually.

Rio Designs Love * Shop * Live * Life

ECO Green Fashion – Supporting Communities in Need

“As part of the global community, Rio Designs is pleased to be a regular contributor to Charitable Organizations and Foundations. The goal is with every sale to donate a percentage to support communities in need with; housing, medical care, education, basic needs and necessities including to alleviate poverty in vulnerable communities in Brazil and in the United States of America. Also being a strong supporter and advocate to the protection of the Amazon rainforest. Being environmentally conscious is an inherent characteristic of the Rio Designs business model. It is a small business founded on environmentally friendly practices that are integral to the business efficiency in operations”.

Industry Sector: Fashion, Music, Architectural Design, Architectural Landscaping and Interior Design also including but not limited to Furniture, Lighting, Art and Accessories for the Home.

We Support: World Wildlife Fund ~ Greenpeace ~ Amazon Watch

We Support and Spread Awareness for Catalytic Communities, Brazil

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Help the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

A Wonderful Cause and Worth Fighting For!

BRAZIL – The Amazon is home to the largest remaining rain forest in the world!

We must preserve the Amazon Forest and STOP Deforestation!

We Support – Amazon Watch

We Support – Greenpeace

We Support – CatComm


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Productive Knowledge Inc


Public relations and marketing, with emphasis on electronic marketing services such as websites and e-mail newsletters, and strong focus on green marketing and PR.


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Story Me This Productions, Inc.


Caring, Pure and Simple. We care about the earth. All things on it and about you and your success. Making more connections than the airlines could ever dream of. Story Me This Productions will develop communication strategies to connect you with larger audience, and get you on the UP & UP.


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Parsons Public Relations


A full-service communications firm representing sustainably minded companies. The company is committed to sustainable economic, environmental, and social values, and building meaningful relationships in business and the community.


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Witness for Peace


WFP was founded in 1983, as the Contra War raged in Nicaragua. We established an ongoing presence there and sent U.S. citizens to accompany the Nicaraguan people in war zones and to document the “human face” of the Reagan Administration’s military policy. WFP led the way in bringing the brutal facts of those policies home to the U.S. public through grassroots education and large-scale media outreach. During this initial period, WFP established its successful model of merging the powerful forces of on-the-ground documentation, assertive media strategies, a dynamic delegations program, and stateside grassroots mobilization.


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Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR


Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) is a non-profit, statewide business trade organization. Our members are businesses and organizations who recognize that the need to make a profit and the need to make a difference are not in conflict, and who use the power of business to change the world.


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Space Inventors Professional Organizers


Space Inventors provides on-site and virtual assistance to make the most of your time and space. Our clients seek a nurturing space to spend more time with loved ones, enhance the community, create art, continue learning, and grow professionally.


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Yurich Creative


Yurich Creative is a marketing communication design firm specializing in developing ideas that will grow and nurture a company. We to stay up-to-date on sustainable practices, so we can offer you methods to do more with less. Our creative staff are sensitive to whatever your specific needs may be. Sponsor of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, Co-op America Approved.


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Soulsplash Writers


Our promise has always been the same: Deliver your world in words. Not with some pre-packaged template, not with tired clichés or long-since spent gimmicks, but with exactly the solution that fits your needs. You, your products, and your services are unique and your copy should let the world know this. We work great under pressure and no matter the deadline, we always add in that little “something more” to
guarantee your success with every project. It’s our promise to you.


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The GreenMakers is a specialized team of PR and Marketing experts promoting Eco-Smart businesses to the green community.We establish your GREEN BUSINESS – from your press releases, web marketing & print materials, broadcast video productions to trade shows, THE GREENMAKERS will build you a powerful public image that suits your budget.


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Tree Hugger


TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, we strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information. At TreeHugger we know that variety is the spice of life, so you can find all you need to go green in our up to the minute blog, weekly and daily newsletters, weekly video segments, weekly radio show and our user-generated blog, Hugg. We also extend our expertise to companies looking for a little green guidance. Past clients include Domino, Sundance Channel and House & Garden.


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Sustainable Media


Whether you’re a fortune 500 company, a small community co-op, or an eco-entrepreneur selling solar panels out of your garage, Sustainable Media can help you develop and advance your message, while supporting your social, economic, and environmental ideals.


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Darby O’Brien Advertising


Full-service, activist ad agency. Handles independent and family businesses. Creative strategists. Trend-spotting publication The Gut. Public relations. Event planning. Political campaigns. Family run since 1980.


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Love-Your-Planet Creative Communications


Promoting energy conservation, energy independence, and alternative energy for businesses, nonprofits, schools, governments, communities. Developing public awareness/education campaigns to curb fossil fuel use, global warming.


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Strategic Sustainability Consulting


In today’s business environment, sustainability is an imperative for all players, from companies large and small to regulators and trade associations. Sustainability Consult is a network offering a full range of communications and PR services, with a focus on environmental communications and issues management.
We have helped shape change in many sectors. With backgrounds in PR, reputation and issues management, journalism and environmental advocacy, we’re inspired by change and believe our flexibility and creativity can make the sustainable difference to your business.


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Green Earth PR Network


We are entrepreneurs and advocates. Counselors and mentors. Strategists and communicators. Individually we are committed to making a positive impact on our world. Collectively we believe that organizations, not for profits and policymakers all have the power to do just that — by leading environmental efforts that ultimately improve how we live and work.


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Off the Grid Public Relations


PR, Media Relations & Digital Community Building
Yes, we’d love to help you tell your story and get the word out!
For us that means defining and expanding the online conversations about your company’s brand – whether it’s on news sites, influential blogs or within social networks where your customers and other key stakeholders interact. The most powerful, wide-reaching and cost-effective way to build your company’s reputation is through use of the new Web 2.0 channels.


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Verde PR & Consulting


Verde was founded and built by journalists in 2001 and cultivates media and blogger relationships through constant contact with the highest level of service offered today by any agency in our core markets. Verde offers best-in-class media relations (trade, consumer and social web) through detailed media tracking and reporting via state-of-the-art media blogs and Social Media Release (SMR) pages for all of our clients housed on the Verde Web portal.
We offer strong marketing and branding support for every client on our roster and work diligently to support existing marketing initiatives and in the creation of new initiatives. This is one of the most exciting and dynamic functions we can bring to our clients, and we revel in the responsibility and creativity it expresses. Verde views certain facets of marketing and public relations as merging entities, with an excellent example in the successful use of the social web for promotion.


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Doug Fleischli Public Relations


Public relations strategy and counseling, writing, news releases, speaking points, brochures, internal and external online communications), media relations, overseeing brochure and video production, as well as developing and maintaining media contacts.


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Delamere Pennine Associates


Marketing services, marcom & market research, media/press releases, communications, and public relations for the Professional Audio & Video (ProAV), Post-Production, Digital Cinema & Broadcast industries. We also undertake marketing projects & assignments for other industries upon request.


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New Dimensions Radio


The New Dimensions Foundation is a social profit, public benefit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) educational, organization supported by listeners. Our primary activity is the independent production of broadcast dialogues and other quality programs that explore creative solutions to urgent challenges facing humankind.


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Ranch7 Creative, LLC


One thing’s for sure: change happens. Asteroids hit. Plates shift. Glaciers advance and retreat. We’re here today because small early mammals adapted to sudden change and the ponderous, big dinos didn’t. Now the economic dinosaurs are on the ropes, and it’s time to take three words from the little Thrinaxodon’s playbook: Crafty. Nimble. Fast. Help your company prosper in the new economic environment: call the crafty, nimble mammals at Ranch7 Creative today.


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Sycamore Partners


Sycamore Partners was founded by independent consultants who share strengths, skills, knowledge, and resources to provide comprehensive communications services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, and universities.
Our dynamic team of experienced consultants works together to create effective solutions for a broad range of communication needs—from marketing, fundraising, exhibits, and display materials to events, conferences, and symposia.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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