Parkhurst Plumbing


When your water heater springs a leak, or it’s time to replace those old pipes, Parkhurst Plumbing is the only name you need. An owner operated business, we provide quality, cleanliness and value.


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Mayri Corp.


Mayri Corporation does business in Plumbing Wholesalers.


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The Guardian/RR Enterprises


The Guardianâ„¢ is the worlds first and ONLY floor drain and urinal drain basket that contains a green, all-natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly bacteria puck that will keep particulates as small as a grain of rice out of your drain line system, keeping them healthy, odor free and clear from blockages. This saves your facility from unnecessary down-time, sewer discharge fines and extra expenses! It really is the ONLY completely green solution to your drain line problems.


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Introducing Plumb-it Drain Cleaner. Plumb-it Drain Cleaner is an all-natural, environmentally safe, drain cleaner, biologically formulated with a powerful blend of scientifically selected, non-toxic, non-pathogenic live bacteria to consume commercial build up of grease, fats oils and other foods at an accelerated rate.


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Ace DuraFlo Systems


ACE DuraFlo is committed to the development of long term relationships. This is why we focus on superior service and consistently provide it with courtesy and respect. We feel that honest and professional business practices are essential to quality customer relations. We respond quickly to our customers’ needs, especially when leaky pipes, rusty water and copper contamination are involved. ACE DuraFlo ePIPE is patented technology with only the best in proactive water leak and contamination prevention. As an alternative to complete copper pipe repair, the ACE DuraFlo ePIPE system is based on “in-place” pipe restoration technology. This lets us carry out pipe repair and restoration right within the walls, without having to tear any piping out. ACE DuraFlo is here to deliver quality, speedy, affordable service without disruption or headache.


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Waterless Company


Since 1991, Waterless Co. has been the technology leader in this category and we offer the most simple and most cost effective system on the world market. Our patented No-Flushâ„¢ urinals work completely without water or flush valves. The system is touch-free, easy to install, improves restroom sanitation and eliminates odors.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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