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Donna Marie Johnson @GGeneSISLLC – Known as The Social Networking Liaison and CEO at GGene S.I.S., LLC Marketing Agency – We support Christian Leaders with marketing and social networking – based online and in Atlanta, GA USA – Read our free article series on our site or search for it with #365withDonnaMJ


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Rio Designs


Platinum GBB Member

Rio Designs Service Lifestyle PR News EST.2012

Marketing & Branding – ECO Green Awareness

Christine Feldmann, Founder

Rio Designs understands today’s business landscape and can help you grow faster and stronger by getting your messages out to those who matter most — and within your budget. That’s why they have created a full- Service Lifestyle PR News – Production Development packages designed to save you money. Rio Designs focusses on national and international branding – marketing with PR News Article(s) featuring your business in a positive light. Rio Designs PR News Solutions provides you with everything you need to jump-start your branding efforts and reach a potential audience of millions. Get your message out to your target audience through our extensive Strategic Social Media Implementation solutions, combined with the power and reach of our PR News Article featuring your company. Increase your public prominence by making an image available to an audience of thousands. They also offer exclusively a full service of Production Development packages. Thus enhancing the connection with the right people, through the powerful targeting capabilities and optimizing your release for search engine visibility. By working on a freelance basis they are able to provide you with the same results as a large company without the overhead costs. Learn more about the professional services provided by the talented staff at Rio Designs

We offer Online – Service Lifestyle PR News Solutions / Packages

•Eco Green Awareness


•PR News Article(s)

•Public Relations

•Fashion Production Development

•BTS – Behind The Scenes Videography & Photography

•Strategic Social Media Implementation

•Branding and Marketing

•Logo Creations


•Email marketing

•Tag Lines

– Creative Marketing Strategies – Via 3rd Party Printing:

•Business Card Designs

•Brochure Designs

•Car Magnets Logo Designs

•Tote Logo Bags Designs

•T- Shirt Logo Designs

● WordPress – Website Development ● Webmaster Administrative Service

● Social Media Implementation Solutions



3.Google +



Rio Designs – Local Social Media Coach

Coaching: Seminars, Classes, Business Meetings, One on One and Virtually.

Rio Designs Love * Shop * Live * Life

ECO Green Fashion – Supporting Communities in Need

“As part of the global community, Rio Designs is pleased to be a regular contributor to Charitable Organizations and Foundations. The goal is with every sale to donate a percentage to support communities in need with; housing, medical care, education, basic needs and necessities including to alleviate poverty in vulnerable communities in Brazil and in the United States of America. Also being a strong supporter and advocate to the protection of the Amazon rainforest. Being environmentally conscious is an inherent characteristic of the Rio Designs business model. It is a small business founded on environmentally friendly practices that are integral to the business efficiency in operations”.

Industry Sector: Fashion, Music, Architectural Design, Architectural Landscaping and Interior Design also including but not limited to Furniture, Lighting, Art and Accessories for the Home.

We Support: World Wildlife Fund ~ Greenpeace ~ Amazon Watch

We Support and Spread Awareness for Catalytic Communities, Brazil

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Help the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

A Wonderful Cause and Worth Fighting For!

BRAZIL – The Amazon is home to the largest remaining rain forest in the world!

We must preserve the Amazon Forest and STOP Deforestation!

We Support – Amazon Watch

We Support – Greenpeace

We Support – CatComm


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Naturalene, Inc.


Naturalene, Inc. is a research, development and marketing company, specializing in the aviation, government and industrial arenas.
Naturalene, Inc. also specializes in new product release, new product marketing and organic SEO.


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Greenlight Graphic Design Studio


Green graphic design, sustainable branding and mindful multimedia marketing for Fort Collins, Denver, and Northern Colorado. We offer an array of multimedia marketing services to present your business in the very best light. We specialize in ‘green branding’ — helping you develop a visual identity that reflects your values and attracts customers who share those values. By integrating sustainability into our design process, we optimize your triple bottom line for the most positive impact on profits, planet, and people. We offer special rates for non-profits and a small business discount.


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Positive Impact


Positive Impact delivers a comprehensive range of green merchandise. We strive to provide businesses and organisations with smarter, more environmentally conscious options for corporate gifts, events, conferences and promotions. Our products have been selected based on ethical sourcing principles, Fair Trade and environmental credentials, enabling businesses to make a better choice.


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green|MARK Consulting


The goal of green|MARK Consulting is to educate our clients as to how to be stewards to our world so they can perpetuate the effort. Through this education and our expertise we can ensure a reduction in energy used, a cleaner, healthy workplace for their employees and a reduction in their operational expenses.  Further, green|MARK Consulting markets these impressive efforts and how important greening and sustainability are to their clients, prospects, employees and stakeholders.  We cover all the bases for your journey on the green path.



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Green Ink Copywriting


Need to get the word out about your Green, sustainable, natural health or socially-conscious company? Overwhelmed with the amount of time and work involved? You need an expert who understands sustainability issues AND has a solid grasp of effective marketing. I help ecopreneurs who want to spread their vision to the world and companies wishing to speak to Green consumers in a voice they trust and understand. I can help you develop sales materials for customer retention and lead generation, including:  Effective sales writing  Website content  Publicity  Social media  White papers  Ghostwriting services  User-friendly technical writing Visit to find out how I can help you build sustainable connections to your customers. Best, Anne Michelsen Green Ink Copywriting P.S. Be sure to request a copy of my report, “Making Sense of the Green Sector: What Every Marketer Should Know About Selling Sustainable Products and Services.” It’ll help shed some light on the very dynamic and confusing market you’re dealing with!


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Promotional Product Solutions, LLC


Promotional Product Solutions is the industry’s first and only provider of Socially Responsible Promotions® — creating corporate promotional marketing solutions that are socially conscious and earth-friendly.
We are always on the threshold of a new dawn.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.For us, it’s not just about cool swag or clever trinkets. In an industry of 19,000 distributors, Promotional Product Solutions (PPS) is the first and only distributor providing custom tailored, high quality Socially Responsible Promotions®.


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WaterRock Communications


When you hire WaterRock Communications to provide professional writing and marketing services, you get more than just words. You get a sales/marketing mindset that will help you identify the best communication tools for the job and then provide the words that deliver your message to your target audience – every time.
It’s marketing and communication focused on the message and the image … and it goes far beyond simple words.


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A1 Stun


“How magazine calls us a ‘new breed’ with a ‘fresh aesthetic outlook.’ Call us and together we’ll help make the world a better place.”


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goodmedia communications, llc


goodmedia was founded on the principle that business owners, small and large, want good work, at a good price, by people doing good things. Through the use of multiple platforms of media, our team of good people work closely with our clients to become the creative expression of their product and service.
We are committed to inspiring, encouraging, and promoting innovative ideas that support our local and global community with compassion and human interest as our first priority.


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Basics Group, Inc.


A graphic design firm that specializes in brand identity, strategic consulting, and web development projects for a range of clients.


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DMD Green


DMD Green provides consultation services in environmental and business management and is committed to leading the environmental assessment and management industry with integrity, innovation, and client satisfaction. Our proven expertise in the architecture, interior design, travel and hospitality, financial services, environmental and energy markets, real estate and retail sectors uniquely benefits our clients’ bottom lines, and their consumers’ demands.


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With offices in New York and San Francisco, BBMG is an award-winning marketing firm that harnesses the power of branding to help socially responsible organizations stand out, build relationships, win loyalty, and inspire action. Using a disciplined process based on extensive experience in corporate communications, political campaigns, and MTV-style integrated marketing, the firm specializes in creating values-driven branding programs and creative executions that bring each client’s unique difference to life in the hearts and minds of key audiences. Founded in 2003, BBMG’s work has garnered recognition from the Webby Awards, BMA Awards, W3 Awards, Summit Awards, LogoLounge and HOW Magazine. To learn more about the agency’s passion for dreaming big, doing good and living well, please visit


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Danna Weiss


An eco life style TV personality that can be hired to promote conscious businesses in any type of media medium.


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Green Team Advertising, Inc.


New York advertising agency specializing in promotion of environmentally responsible products and services, travel and ecotourism, and cause related marketing. View full portfolio online.


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Organicworks Marketing


A media communications company dedicated to raising mainstream awareness for the contemporary style of organic, sustainable and eco-living. We have helped clients, in all shades of green, achieve mainstream recognition and bottom-line business growth of their cutting-edge organic, eco and socially responsible products and services.


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S Dialogue, LLC


Imagine over 30 years of strategy, communications and sustainability experience partnering with your organization. We help you through: Strategy, Communications & Training.


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Friends of Tilonia, Inc. is a US-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to provide marketing and business development assistance to the crafts section of the Barefoot College, in Tilonia, Rajasthan, India. For more than 35 years, the Barefoot College has been working to address basic needs of the rural poor: water, health, education, energy and employment, while enrolling individuals in the processes that govern their lives.


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Grace Communications, Inc.


We are an integrated brand design and marketing company, linking visionary strategic services with market research, publicity, and advertising. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico we serve local, regional and global companies and organizations.


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Image 4


Social Responsibility and Sustainability is core to how we think and work. We’re known as one of the most environmentally sustainable companies in the market space – In November 2007, Inc. Magazine crowned Image 4 the “World’s Greenest Trade Show Exhibit” producer. Our projects have claimed LEED Silver, Gold and Platinum ratings. If your customers and management value and measure the environmental impact of your sales, we can contribute to excellent, definable outcomes.


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Hidden Pond Marketing


The primary mission of Hidden Pond is to provide top-quality marketing, advertising and public relations services to a diverse clientele of companies, institutions and people that share a like-minded concern for nature and the environment. By helping to ensure their success we, through them, thereby make a positive contribution to the overall health and well being of the planet.


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Matrix Marketing Group, Inc


Product development and launch, strategic planning, market and competitive analysis, develops and initiates sales programs, establishes broker networks. Over 60 years of combined experience.


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Amanda Musilli


A full service creative marketing agency dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Providing event planning, marketing, sponsorship, and fundraising services with a conscience.


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Change Brand Strategy and Design


Develops high-impact brands for companies whose growth makes the world better. When you create an engaging brand, customers come to you, they talk about you, they’re loyal to you. This creates value and reduces the need for “marketing.” Services include all forms of brand content: product packaging, website design, naming, logos, merchandising, social network triggers and more.


Find out More is the world’s first environmentally beneficial online yellow pages. The value proposition is simple: for every premium business listing sold in our directory, we will plant a tree on behalf of that business. In addition, with the world having recently come out of a crippling recession, our exceptionally rewarding affiliate program makes it possible for anybody to earn a realistic income by referring our service to people in their social network. The service is open to ALL businesses and is designed to offer a meaningful alternative to print advertising by providing a fully-featured, cutting-edge online business listing service to the astute, in-touch business owner who understands the reputational and business benefits of plugging their business in to the rapidly expanding green economy. Statistics show that today’s consumers are much more likely to transact or do business with companies that show concern for the environment and who are associated with an environmentally beneficial cause…listing on therefore makes extremely good business sense. Purchasing a premium listing in is a quick and easy way for you to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment; improve your website SEO and improve your chances of acquiring new customers and clients who are looking to do business with environmentally responsible businesses. Can your current yellow pages provider claim these environmental credentials? By continuing to advertise in environmentally damaging publications, is your business continuing to reward practices that contribute to the destruction of our environment? Ask yourself, does your company support DEFORESTATION…or REFORESTATION? List your business in and let the world know where you stand.


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Fehlig Group, LCC


Professionals in marketing, communications, organizational development, and training. “We work with corporate and nonprofit clients in the area where business interests and community concerns coincide.


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Tugboat Creative Agency


Tugboat Creative is a marketing agency headquartered in southern Maine that wields the tools of modern marketing to help progressive companies make the world a better place.
Most of our clients are New England entrepreneurs who work heroically to build organizations that do more than make a profit—by operating holistically and creating products and services that genuinely contribute to human health and happiness, nourish our communities, and mesh naturally with the ebb and flow of life on earth in sustainable, far-seeing ways.


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Sustainable Sales Associates


Green Agents is a collection of Chicagoland suppliers helping corporate green teams change processes and purchases to increase sustainability practices. Buying regional supplies supports a stronger regional economy and lightens footprints. Most Green Agents were pioneers 20-30+ years ago, and all remain highly committed and qualified socio/eco suppliers. We sponsor and/or host the following non-profits to incite introspection and inspire behaviors to protect the biosphere and its inhabitants.


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SKAN Project, LLC


We are Sustainability Strategists, creating sustainability initiatives that guide business through environmental stewardship as well as social and cultural responsibility towards profitability.
We Design GREENPRINTS, crafting empowering solutions for sustainability that help your business become a leader in its industry and for the World.


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Translucent Advertising


We have found a solution to the plastic bag problem! Made using only naturally compostable materials, Translucent Advertising’s 100% compostablet-shirt bags which decompose naturally over time and leave no harmful residues behind.
All grocery, restaurants and retail locations contracted with Translucent Advertising receive our green bags at no cost, immediately saving the stores money and removing the need to use plastic bags.
Companies who advertise their products and/or services on our green bags are guaranteed daily impressions of their ads because all grocery store, restaurant and retail locations within the select networks are under agreement to use our green bags exclusively.


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I Imagine Studio


I Imagine Studio is a full service marketing agency dedicated to making your brand more relevant and compelling, while making your business more profitable and successful. We provide customized marketing solutions by: identifying new marketing opportunities and unmet customer needs, bringing new products and services to market, developing targeted communications, nurturing brand loyalty and responding to competitive tactics.


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Greater Than


We are a strategic marketing firm dedicated to growing green and sustainable enterprises. By delivering senior-level strategy and results-driven tactics, we accelerate the fruition of businesses and nonprofits that are dedicated to improving the environmental or human condition.
Engagements range from taking established organizations to new markets, to boosting metrics for existing products, to serving as a fully outsourced marketing department for fledgling companies. No matter the engagement, our clients enjoy “energy-efficient marketing,” where all of our activities directly support clarified goals that are critical to their growth path.


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John Beske Communications


Advertising, graphic design, logo and identity, branding, packaging, and strategic planning for nonprofit groups and green businesses from one of the trailblazers in advocacy communications. In Illinois, call (773) 640-2822.


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Green Marketing


Green Marketing, Inc., is a full service marketing strategy and brand development firm offering a complete array of services including marketing plan development, sustainability auditing and planning, branding/creative strategies, graphic design/copyrighting, PR, and integrated marketing communications development, among a host of others. Since 2000, the company has been uniquely adept at infusing sustainability and corporate social responsibility into the marketing strategy of any organization willing to make a commitment to this type of strategy.


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Bonnie Ayers Namkung, Web Copywriter


Get optimized web copywriting and attract customers and search engines. Why? o Customer-friendly, information-rich websites pay for themselves in leads and sales o Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you compete o Adding and updating content on your site sets you apart online Call with your questions…


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Big Think Studios


Dedicated to helping nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible companies communicate strategically and effectively. Advertising, brochures, logos, Web sites, outreach/marketing materials, media planning, messaging, communications plans.


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Clean Agency


An award-winning, full service advertising and PR firm. Specializes in the natural, organic, and sustainable business sector. (And companies working toward getting there.) “Our depth of experience with long-term clients in this category helps you get results that much quicker. Please see our capabilities and case studies at”


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Positive Impact Partner, Inc.


We are a full-service marketing firm focused on creating positive experiences for your customers that generates positive results for your business – and humanity. We specialize in technology, clean tech and great causes.


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Pylon Studios


Pylon Studios is a creative agency located in downtown San Francisco providing graphic design and marketing services. Pylon Studios designs and produces email marketing campaigns, web sites, Flash or static banner ads, logos & identity systems, and marketing collateral.


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Thunk Design


Thunk is an interactive team located in San Francisco working with start-ups, agencies, marketers, and directors as a creative
resource for web, mobile, print, video, and Flash projects. We specialize in branding, visual design, lead generation
campaigns, prototyping, and information architecture.


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MyLogoSource, Inc.


Be Green and Be Seen. Promote your business with your logo on lots of items that are made from recycled materials or are recyclable, eco-friendly or made with corn plastic, a renewable US made resource. Also visit our blog about green and eco-friendly promotional ideas at


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Research Arts, Inc.


Consumer research and consulting since 1984. Focus groups, depth research and online surveys for green and soon-to-be-green companies and nonprofits.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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