Five Brothers Two


Family owned and operated, Five Brothers Two is a cuban grocery store that also sells cuban cuisine such as speciality lunch’s (beans, rice, plantains, cuban bread, and meat of the day), as well as a variety of cuban pressed sandwiches. This business started with Carmen Garcia’s Grandpa in Havana, Cuba and is now carried out here in the Florida Keys. There an outside screened in area that provides a sitting area for guests to eat and as mentioned early a mini grocery selection that proves the basics of cuban cuisine such as spices, cuban coffee makers, etc.


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niryasa is dedicated to providing everyone with a fresh, delicious and convenient way to enjoy raw & organic nourishment in a portable form and on the go. We are fully devoted to the practical implementation of sustainability, conservation, and efficiency concepts, while making business decisions that reflect our commitment to improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve, and our planet. “We do not compromise ethics or integrity in the name of profit.”


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The Dhaba at India Plaza


The embodiment of food in the spirit of the nation is an integral part of its identity. Our Dhaba is the embodiment of Punjabi food and Punjab – a state that has been the envy of the nation (India). In India and Pakistan, highways are dotted with local restaurants popularly known as ‘Dhabas’, providing local cuisine and serving as stops for truck drivers. Dhabas are traditionally characterized by casual seating on cots (called chaarpai in Hindi) and food prepared in clay ovens (tandoor). Over time Dhabas have come to define a culture, centered on food. Real Punjabi has been influenced by the diverse culinary cultures of Persia, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Punjab provided a conduit to caravans from Bukhara, Kabul & Kashmir. The wonderful frontier foods intertwined with the rich stream of Hindu, Sikh, Pathan, Muslim and Kashmiri migrants enriched the Punjabi cuisine.


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Source Atlantique


Source Atlantique is the most trusted name in specialty foods importing, marketing and distribution. We specialize in discovering the best products in every culinary category, then cultivating their strengths, and nurturing each throughout the marketplace. Our roster of artisanal brands has been carefully selected for superior quality and limitless potential – for the kitchen as well as the market.


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Clutch Delivery


Clutch Delivery, Houston’s first full-service bicycle delivery company, rides around the clock to provide the most time-savvy individuals with what they’d like to have, be it to-go food, groceries, farmer’s market items, prescriptions or normal courier packages.  Clutch Delivery has committed to “pedal power” as a way to reduce the carbon footprint that the delivery industry tends to create. Cycling is the best option for deliveries, making the erasure of miles driven a reality in a town so closely linked to the perpetuation of car culture. Clutch Delivery’s business model provides affordable delivery options to locally owned restaurants and other small businesses. Since the list of spots to pick up from is flexible, Clutch offers local workers and residents a larger variety of options for lunch and dinner.


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ViJuvenate Sustainable Food


Retails organic foods and whole food nutritional supplements from brands including Navitas Naturals and Amazing Grass. Includes a blog focused on organic and health related topics.


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TerraSource Gourmet Chocolates


Can we think global and act local? Absolutely! TerraSource Gourmet Chocolates strengthens the local economy by identifying and working with local growers of organic fruits and edible flowers and converting these healthy ingredients into delightful chocolates for your enjoyment. We use local financial institutions, graphic design, accounting and services. Most of our chocolate is fair trade certified from Peru, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. The remainder is fairly traded (but not certified) from Columbia. For those ingredients we can’t find locally, fair trade helps global partners improve their quality of life.


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Sunshine Bay Natural Products


Customers can rest assured we encourage sustainable business and manufacturing practices when making 100% Pure Beeswax Honey Candles®
Every day we choose sustainable alternatives to help support a clean and healthy lifestlye at home and work.


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Handmade note cards skillfully crafted from recycled atlases, sheet music, and comic books. Each card and set is one-of-a-kind. Artist owned and operated. Wholesale and custom orders available.


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Theo Chocolate


At Theo Chocolate, we are changing the definition of “quality” by uniting creative excellence that results in deliciously award-winning chocolate with our unwavering commitment to changing the way the cocoa industry conducts business. At Theo, we believe there is no luxury in products that benefit us today, while jeopardizing future generations ability to meet their needs. When you taste our chocolate you will experience our passion and integrity in every luscious bite. We promise, there is something for everyone from the adventurous “foodie”, to those seeking the simple comfort of a delectably creamy milk chocolate bar.


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Jolie Vue Farms


We credit modern agriculture for having produced an apparent cheap and abundant food supply, but it comes with many hidden costs – pollution of our soil and waterways, tax dollars for subsidization of crops grown only for livestock consumption, and nutritional deficiencies for our population which ave led to poorer, not better, health and higher medical costs to treat those deficiencies. So, is it really cheaper? Why not get back to nature? She is best equipped to address your health and the health of your environment.

Jolie Vue Farms rejects modern concepts of artificial fertilization of the soil and the pesticides destruction of nature’s “unwanted weeds and insects.” Creatures will thrive when they are freed from confinement and left to free range on healthy soil, fresh air and sunshine. And you will thrive when you eat a balanced diet of clean, healthy food. Artificial chemicals and pharmaceuticals are anathema to truly healthy critters and humankind, so…our farm doesn’t do chemicals, and our creatures don’t do drugs!


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A Natural High


“Solving your skin care problems.” Specializing in problem skin, sensitive skin, and anti-aging concerns. Premium bodycare is handcrafted with natural botanicals and pure essential oils by a certified herbalist. 50+ aromatherapy-grade essential oils in stock.


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Mixed Go Green


Mixed is a fast-casual restaurant that started in Sioux Falls, SD, that specializes in made-to-order salads. The Mixed experience includes not only great tasting foods and great service to our customers, but we also operate on an eco friendly plan. We boast energy efficient equipment, recycled paper for printing use, compostable cups, containers, and silverware, and using reusable/washable dishes. This only scratches the surface on how we are “going green”.

Choose one of our many salad options and watch while we build your order in one of our chilled stainless steel bowls, so every inch is cooled to perfection. Choose to have your salad Mixed and enjoy watching us mix and blend all of your tasty toppings and greens together at our Mix Station. Salads are our specialty, but we want our customers to have other great tasting options as well. So, in our menu we include wraps, paninis, soups, macaroni/potato/pasta salads, and more!

When you eat at Mixed, we want you to feel great about what you’re eating by enjoying our fresh, fast, and tasty greens, and we want you to feel great about knowing you helped the planet and environment by just coming to see us. Taking care of our customers and the world our customers live in is just part of our experience. We want it to be a “green” experience from start to finish. Green on how we work and green on what we make, using only the freshest ingredients to make the tastiest salads and more.


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Bloomberg, L.P.


Bloomberg L.P., founded in 1981, is an information services, news and media company, serving customers on six continents. Headquartered in New York, the company employs more than 10,000 people in 130 offices globally.


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Stonyfield Farm


Stonyfield Farm produces an organic yogurt with natural and organic ingredients—never any preservatives or artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners like other brands. And all of their organic ingredients are produced without the use of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, and toxic and persistent pesticides.


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True HEPA performance air cleaners and indoor air quality test kits. Learn how to select an air cleaner and what common air cleaner technologies may be harmful to your health.


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Holy Cow Enterprises


Holy Cow Enterprises has been in operation for more than 10 years and is happy to specialize our menu to meet the needs of your special event. We offer a wide range of real food and fun food items!
We specialize in all types of festivals, fairs, & events by providing food and beverages with clean and attractive carts or tents serving Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana.


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Nest (Natural Elements Selected Thoughtfully) is a little shop with a big mission: to encourage positive change on an individual, local and global level by offering products that support independent artists, fair-trade importing, organic farming, and recycling, and by promoting a healthy and conscious lifestyle.


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V & V Supremo Foods, INC.


V&V Supremo Foods, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality authentic Mexican style foods, headquartered in Chicago, IL. V&V Supremo Foods, Inc. provides a comprehensive line of Mexican style cheese, chorizo, crema and goods not only for the retail grocery market but for the food service industry as well.


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Big Chef


Big Chef is a Health-conscious, Lean & Green, freshly prepared Frozen Foods Company specializing in gourmet appetizers and frozen appetizers (est. 1999.) Our high-quality manufacturing process with the use of local & organic ingredients when possible has set us apart from other Frozen Food Companies.

Big Chef creates frozen gourmet appetizers that delight the pallet of our customers. We offer a wide variety of Hors d’Oeurvres, Gourmet Appetizers, and Main Entrees for both the Hospitality Industry and Consumers – delivered, next day, to your front door. All of our gourmet appetizers take less than 15 minutes to bake, so you can be enjoying in no time at all.

Shop our large variety or frozen gourmet appetizers by type, cuisine, main ingredient, or occasion. No matter what flavor you are looking for to satisfy your taste buds, we are sure you can find it here at Big Chef Online. Our frozen appetizers are guaranteed to taste like you were slaving in the kitchen all day long. Order gourmet appetizers online today from Big Chef.


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Business Nonprofit CONNECTIONS, Inc.


Specialists in designing and evaluating strategic partnerships between businesses and nonprofits to maximize benefits to both organizations. Providing consulting, speaking, live/online training, and the “Back to the Community ProgramTM.” We help you “do well by doing good.”


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Lydia’s Organics


Our fresh, raw, vegan, organic and delicious foods are now available in several locations in Northern California and developing quite a following! You can buy them at Good Earth Natural Foods in Fairfax, The Santa Rosa Community Market and now you’ll be able to purchase them at Whole Foods in San Rafael!
We are extremely excited about our new fresh line!
So if you live in our neck of the woods, you should definitely check them out. And if you live in the rest of the country, you should be seeing our fresh foods in your local health foods store in the future.


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Green Building Pages, Inc.


A free public Web-database providing complete, current, transparent product and company information for the environmentally and socially responsible architect, builder, or consumer.


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Alter Eco Fair Trade


Offers a complete range of Fair Trade products such as coffee, tea, rice, quinoa, sugar, olive oil, hearts of palm, chocolate, and spices.


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Laptop Lunches


Laptop Lunches are American-style bento boxes designed to help families pack nutritious, environment-friendly lunches for school, work, and travel. Our sustainable lunch containers–which come with a book of healthy lunch ideas and lunchmaking recipes–are reusable, recyclable, and dishwasher safe. Our lunchboxes, recently featured in both Parents and O Magazine, do not contain phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), or lead.


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Compassionate Cooks


Empowering people to make informed food choices and to debunking myths about vegetarianism and animal rights through cooking classes, recipes, podcasts, cooking DVDs, and cookbooks.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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