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Green Cleaning Businesses – What they are doing


Green cleaning businesses are emergent among all other green businesses. Residential and commercial cleaning services are embracing all natural cleaning methods as the core of their business value. Cleaning was generally associated with toxic and harmful chemicals. It is not unusual for cleaners to have rashes in their hands as a result of continued exposure to chemicals. Today, cleaning businesses have evolved into green and eco-friendly measures that benefit not only their customers but their employees as well. Green cleaning products are now available in almost all groceries and stores.

As a parent, you would definitely choose buying green cleaning products than traditional cleaning products if you prefer to clean the house on your own. Poisoning at home is one of the leading causes of injury and sometimes death among children. Asthmatic household members are also prone to attacks due to harsh smell of chemicals that lasts a good number of hours. The only downside of buying green cleaning products is that you are not 100% confident that the product actually meets green standards. Since green cleaning products are not yet regulated as compared to organic foods and other ingredients, companies tend to claim that they are utilizing natural methods even though in reality they do not. It is best to research or ask around to be sure that you are actually purchasing a genuine green cleaning product.

Green cleaning services are more costly than its toxic counterparts. However, more and more household and business owners prefer availing this service. Parents would not want their kids to explore the chemicals and other harmful items that cleaners would sometimes leave lying on the floor. This cannot be avoided especially when hired cleaners become too engrossed with work or when there is only one cleaner doing the job. Companies that adhere to green and safety cleaning methods would not mind a little extra cost in exchange of employees’ safety hence, productivity. The cost of green cleaning service is approximately 5-10% higher than ordinary ones.

Here is a glimpse of how cleaning businesses utilize green methods in their cleaning services.

1. Using HEPA vacuums. Hepa refers to high efficiency particulate air. Hepa vacuums make use of Hepa filters. Hepa filters captures at least 99.97% of 0.3 micrometers of dust and other airborne particles. The filter prevents dust blown back into the air while using vacuum.

2. Provision of Aromatherapy services. Zen Home is a green cleaning business that employs burning of essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and lemon grass. Essential oils are supposed to cleanse and purify the home.

3. Use of other green cleaning products e.g. non-chlorine bleach, diluted tea tree oil, baking soda, garlic sprays, pure vegetable oils among others.

Many private organizations also offer green clean certifications in different levels. Some are intended for individuals such as janitors, managers and executives. Others offer green certification for the firm with inclusions on employees’ certification. Individuals involved in cleaning residential homes can also get green cleaning certification which can help them market their service better to residential customers.


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