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Going Green Makes Hotel Guests Happy


Amid a flurry of studies and surveys showing marked declines in occupancy, a new report shows that those guests who are visiting your hotels are satisfied. J.D. Power and Associates reports that despite cost-cutting measures and reduced occupancy, guest satisfaction ratings are going up. They’re happy with the check-in and the check-out procedures. They’re also quite pleased with the reservation process. Guest service has gotten high marks, showing that cash-strapped hotels (thanks to the economy) are still able to deliver.

When hotels are forced to cut back in areas such as renovations and amenities in the room, they can pick up points with their guests with attention to detail – better bedding items, WiFi throughout the property, flat-screen televisions, complimentary breakfast, and better mattresses.

One area guests are responding positively to is a hotel’s green policy. Guests who were aware of a hotel’s green policy – 66 percent, according to the study – gave the hotel 160 points more than the hotels not advertising a green program. Also, 72 percent of those guests participated in the green efforts.

Fortunately, it’s also an area where substantial cost savings can be found. If you post notices in each room of your hotel’s green policy and give guests the option of re-using their towels versus getting fresh ones daily, you can decrease the cost of laundry services and supplies.

Since your hotel insurance policy is based on occupancy, it makes sense to shift the focus from cost-savings to customer service. By minding the small details, you could make a big impact on your bottom line, and could improve your occupancy levels through guest referrals and feedback. Happy guests return. They also tell their friends and share their thoughts on online booking sites. And when the economy improves, many will remember the small things that made their stay a little nicer.


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