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Going Green in Today’s Business World


More and more businesses are going green. People are looking for green products in every sphere of life, be it getting building supplies or household materials or even cosmetic products. Entrepreneurs are now taking interest in running a green business. And all this is due to an emerging awareness among people about global warming and its possible impact in human life throughout the world.

People are realizing that the first and foremost advantage of running a green business is taking a small step towards saving humanity from the impending danger and calamity. It cannot be denied that mankind has destroyed nature in many ways in the name of advancement and progress without giving a thought that this destruction would come back as a boomerang on humanity in general. Thus businesses are concentrating on running an environmentally friendly business.

A random misuse of our natural resources has brought us in the threshold of a great danger, the magnitude of which we cannot even imagine. Till very recent times we have never thought of preserving our essential natural resources especially water and natural vegetation so we can maintain the ecological balance of the world. We have already started feeling a change in weather in every corner of the world.

Moreover there are quite a few advantages or benefits of running a green business which is quite apparent and cannot be overlooked. The most fundamental concept or the bottom line of green business is based on 3Rs namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And the good that would come out of running a green or environmentally friendly business are truly manifold.

Being aware or conscious of conservation or preservation of natural resources through judicious use will in turn save the environment from the effects of harmful chemicals. A lot of carbon monoxide emission goes on in the weather which is polluting the environment in a very adverse way. Running an environment friendly or green business would at least reduce the amount of the emission of such harmful gases.

Running a green business would also gain social recognition and respect which in turn means an increase in the number of potential customers. We all know that all around the world people are going green and supporting green businesses as well. This is due to the increasing trend of ethical consumerism. After all with every passing day people are becoming increasingly aware of global warming and the danger looming behind.

The concept of reducing would not only mean reduction in the usage but it would mainly mean reduction of misuse. Turning off electricity or any other electrical equipment as soon as it is being used would reduce the usage of energy in a considerable amount.

Thus it is advisable and commendable to run a green business not only for the benefit of mankind or humanity in general but also for benefits in one’s own business.


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