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Ferrari Cuts Emissions, Admits Irrelevance


Ferrari’s lineup will spew less CO2 in the coming years. Setting a goal of using 40% less fuel by 2012, Ferrari is set to experiment with lighter materials and increased engine performance. Oh yeah, and since the luxury automaker expects to sell around only 6,000 cars this year — most of which will sit under a car cover in a climate controlled garage 364 days a year — they admit that it’s kinda pointless.

So, why is Ferrari making this asinine press release? Good PR, free advertising from the press (blogosphere included), to ride this enormous and sometimes misguided tidal wave of eco-awareness? Really, I’m not exactly sure what it means that Ferrari has decided to get on the green bandwagon, but I am pretty sure that it’s weird.

In a way, this says a lot about the state of the environmental movement. For one, people who can afford a Ferrari might actually care about its fuel economy, i.e. the ultra-rich are experiencing the pangs of eco-guilt. Second, the trend of “going green” has reached such an unprecedented height, that one of the foremost symbols of wealth and excess — the Italian sports car — is now having to grapple with the demands of a carbon-conscious society.

One potentially far-reaching benefit of getting Ferrari on the green bandwagon is that they spend 17% of their sales on research and development, a strategy that has made them synonymous with innovation. I’m not sure what that figure looks like on paper, but with models starting in the 100s of thousands, I’m sure it adds up. So, maybe that will go towards figuring out some practical solutions, and then again… it’s Ferrari.

Source: Josh Loposer


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