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Eco Innovation: Green Hotel Key Cards


More companies are offering green key cards. Here is a list that Green Lodging News compiled.

Both usfi | GreenWorks and Pineapple Hospitality offer three varieties of Green Earth Key Cards. The Bio Cards are PVC-based but includes enzymes to help the cards biodegrade completely within 18 months to five years. The Agri Cards are made from plants such as corn and the reNew Key Cards are made from recycled PVC.

Sustainable Cards offers two types of key cards: an all-wood card and a hybrid wood card. The company uses wood certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. The hybrid version includes a thin biodegradable laminate sealer.

Guest Access International offers key cards made from recycled PVC. Cadmus, the Whitehall Group, offers paperboard-based Green-Key cards.

A typical 200-room hotel goes through about 12,000 plastic keys per year, taking this into account across the landscape of American hotels, more than 1,300 tons of plastic winds up in U.S. landfills each year, according to Sustainable Cards.

Sustainable Cards, debuted its green key cards in Denver hotels during the Democratic National Convention last year.

Last December, Marriott International replaced its plastic key cards with those made of 50 percent recycled material.


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