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3 Tips on Green Business Opportunities


Environmentalists are having their year with so many new green business opportunies popping up, thanks to President Obama’s call to environmental action. Starting a Green Business and profiting from the cause only makes environmentalist optimistic for the environment. “I don’t care what it takes for someone to go green” Said Miami based GreenWorks President, Miles Anderson. “If profiting from a good cause get’s others to help save our environment, I’m all for it” He said. If you are looking for a green business opportunity, check out the 3 tips below and take advantage of a good cause!

Solar Powered Energy

The governments new energy efficiency program finances municipal projects when going green, and you can bet solar power will rank at the top of the municipal requests for funding. Because solar energy is a simple collection of solar panels and batteries, the upstart costs are low and the back end savings for the user are huge.To start a solar power installation business is easy: 1) Contact a solar panel/ energy distributor and ask to become an authorized retailer. 2) If accepted, partner yourself with a licensed electrician and go after the Government municipal projects. To install Solar Panels you only need to be a licensed electrician.

Clean Air and Water

Green business opportunity #2 comes in the form of eco friendly household cleaners and is best for stay at home Mom’s and Dad’s. New Enzyme based household cleaners have not only become affordable in the last year, costing even less than the toxic versions of household cleaners, but they are also stronger. The advantage to selling household cleaners (think Amway) is that you are not asking the consumer to spend more money; you are really asking them to spend less money for a better product.  I.E. 64 Ounces of Tide is $19.50, VS 64 Ounces of Wowgreen’s enzyme based laundry detergent at $18.00, and Wowgreen is a 3 to 1 concentrate giving the consumer almost 185 wash’s. To start a home based cleaning company is simple: 1) Contact and eco friendly cleaning company and join their organization as an independent distributor. 2) Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about their great product and watch your sales grow.

Bio Fuels

Just look at the auto advertisers on television. The move towards diesel fuels is growing in response to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. And where there is diesel, there is bio fuel. Diesel engines are easily convertible to bio fuels. Diesel to bio fuel conversion kits are easy to install and can usually be done in a couple of hours.  To start a bio / diesel fuel conversion business, all you need is a mechanic to partner with and a distributor to sell you the kits. This is a great home business that could net you a few thousand extra dollars every month for a few hours working in the garage with your buddies.

Green Business Opportunities are everywhere and whether you are a green activist or just want a financially secure future, getting on the green bandwagon early will enable you to prosper and feel good about your new green business for years to come.

Source: Greenopolis


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