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10 Rising Solar Careers

March 12, 2010 | By: GBB | No Comments on 10 Rising Solar Careers

The world is changing very quickly. One of the fastest growing job markets is the solar industry. In the coming years, these jobs will dominate the marketplace. The best thing about solar jobs is that you can easily retool your current knowledge base to fit into a rising green career.

Solar Operations Engineer – A Solar Operations Engineer is essentially an architect of new solar energy facilities. They design new solar systems, supervise and inspect the structures during construction, then test and monitor the new facilities.

Solar & PV Installer-Roofer – These are the people who install electricity-producing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into the roofs of residential and commercial homes and buildings. Qualified, experienced Solar & PV Installer-Roofers are hard to find, even in today’s growing “green” technology economy.

Solar Lab Technician – A Solar Lab Technician essentially works in Research & Development for a solar energy company. A Solar Lab Technician would work on the design, production, installation, and testing of new solar energy technologies.

Photovoltaic-PV Fabrication Testing Technician – A Photovoltaic Technician is someone who tests and assembles solar cells into electricity-generating solar panels. Photovoltaic cells are better known by their media name “Solar Cells”. Photovoltaic cells are the translucent, flexible plastic wafers that convert sunlight into electricity, as opposed to solar thermal panels, which convert sunlight into heat.

Solar Hot Water Installer – A solar hot water installer designs, installs, and maintains water-heating systems that harness the sun’s power. Solar heating systems harness the power of the sun’s radiation to heat water and spaces for domestic, commercial, industrial, and other uses. Though the concept of solar hot water and the products related thereto have been in use for many years, the industry has seen rapid growth as evidenced by upgraded products and advanced concepts that continue to win converts to the benefits of solar energy.

Solar Radiant Heating Installer – Solar radiant heating installers, install radiant heating appliances. Solar radiant heating systems are probably the most effective method of using solar energy. Not only is it used for heating domestic water, many homeowners are now using solar energy to help heat their homes.

Photovoltaic-PV Solar Designer – If you’re looking at a career in the PV industry, or you simply want to learn how to install this solar system in your own household, there are organizations, training centers and universities that will provide you with everything you need to know about PV Solar Design. Don’t be intimidated by the seemingly complex world of PV systems. You don’t need to be a genius to learn the trade – you only have to be decided and dedicated.

Solar Sales – Solar sales agents are responsible in selling and marketing PV systems to residents everywhere. PV, is one of the industries in the green collar jobs market. When planning to step into the solar sales career, however, certain requirements and credentials should be met.

PV Solar Panel Installer – Solar Panels are becoming smaller, more efficient and extremely affordable. The market for solar panels is very competitive. Solar panel installers will play a key role in the future of solar panel installation.

Installer- Solar Thermal – Knowing how to install solar thermal can be acquired through certification. However there are more extensive programs that you can receive a bachelor’s degree. This may not be necessary at this time. If you have experience with solar systems in pools, than this should be a good fit.

The solar marketplace will only be opening up. Getting in on the ground floor will help ensure that you are set in a very solid career.

Source: Green Careers Guide


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