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5 Products to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

May 01, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

Being eco-minded goes much farther than carrying a reusable bag to the grocery store and recycling bottles and cans. Living sustainably may seem challenging, but more and more retailers are making eco-friendly products that cause less harm to the Earth that makes living sustainably a little bit easier.

Eco-Friendly Candles

Candles can be a secret polluter. Although they can make a stylish addition around your home, some candles use lead-based wicks, paraffin wax and other harmful chemicals. To make your home safe and stylish, consider using eco-friendly candle alternatives.

The Oregon-based soy candle maker Alchemy offers dozens of beautifully made-to-order candles made from natural essential oils sourced from fruit, flowers, trees and herbs as well as biodegradable, food-grade wax. The company takes a sustainable stance on manufacturing and sourcing materials as well. In fact, all of the materials used come from the U.S. Plus, all of the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

Recycled Glassware

Bambeco offers a selection of beautiful recycled glassware sets that can complement any kitchen or dining theme. The unique glassware is made from old glass soda bottles that were tossed into landfills. The soda bottles and broken glass pieces are melted down and handblown into new, sustainable and stylish cups, pitchers and tumblers. Each piece is made entirely by hand and no two pieces are exactly alike.

Reclaimed Wood Furnishings

Reclaimed wood furniture items like a bed frame, table and chairs set or even an ornate candelabra can make a wonderful, sustainable addition to your home. Reclaimed wood comes from many different sources, so you can achieve the look you’re after while being kind to the planet. Rich vintage fir aged-wood pieces can complement homes that use warm tones and weathered beachwood can add a light and airy feel to any room, no matter the season.

VivaTerra offers beautiful and eco-friendly home furnishings that are made from all different types of reclaimed wood. Viva Terra has something for everyone, no matter your style preference, from classic-traditional to contemporary-bohemian.

Bamboo Woven Shades

For a healthier home, consider eco-friendly window treatments that offer UV protection and glare reduction. The Shade Store uses renewable resources like bamboo to create eco-friendly window treatments like solar shades. According to The Shade Store, solar shades are energy-efficient, which makes this home decor item a sustainable and Earth-friendly choice. Although some eco-friendly retailers offer a minimal selection of products in less-than excitable colors, the solar shades from The Shade Store come in a variety of colors from neutrals to brights like poppy, so you can select a color that works best for your style.

Cork Flooring

Native to Spain, Tunisia and Portugal, cork trees can live to be 800 years old. The harvesting practices are sustainable and the manufacturing process generates almost zero waste. Cork flooring is the natural alternative to wood floors sourced from exotic lumber, vinyl floors or chemical-ridden carpets. In addition to being durable, hypoallergenic, healthy for the environment and aesthetically pleasing, cork floors are also safe. Cork is fire-resistant and will only ignite or melt at severe temperatures. When properly cared for, cork floors can last up to 40 years.

Green Building Supply offers a variety of beautiful cork flooring options, including natural styles that are GreenGuard certified.

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Expeditorsplus Inc. Joins The Green Business Bureau

April 27, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments








Winnipeg, Manitoba–By committing to going green, Expeditors Plus is paving the way for future growth that will make this service provider more competitive. Their commitments will reduce their environmental footprint, which in turn will support their clients’ environmental objectives. Since their services often support businesses operating in remote wilderness environments, Expeditors Plus feels a particular obligation to be responsible with their choices and actions. Reinforcing their values of saving natural resources, Expeditors Plus has joined the Green Business Bureau, which is a national membership organization that uses an online assessment to certify green businesses.  Expeditors Plus embodies the goal to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged SME in their industry.

Among Expeditorsplus’ key environmental initiatives:

  • Use of 80% wheat straw FSC-certified copy paper
  • Encourage employees to use public transportation by covering their costs
  • Eliminate the use disposable of paper ware in the office and implementation of recycled/recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable paper ware in remote operations
  • Paperless pay stubs and faxes
  • Recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, toner cartridges, and electronics
  • Purchase fair trade, sustainably sourced, and/or locally grown and processed food products
  • Use of ‘green’ cleaning products
  • Provide regular maintenance to their fleet vehicles to maximize efficiency and minimize pollutants


For more information on Expeditorsplus Inc., please visit

For more information on the GBB program, please visit

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About Expeditorsplus Inc.: Expeditorsplus Inc. provides exceptional quality and cost effective camp management, catering, and housekeeping services for projects in mining & exploration, oil & gas, construction, and infrastructure development. Anywhere a remote work camp is required, Expeditorsplus can provide a full range of support services.

Expeditorsplus also supplies fishing lodges and outfitters in Canada’s north with essential purchasing, shipping, and freight forwarding services, as well as meet & greet and shuttling of their guests.


Jason White
Vice President
488-B Kensington St.
Winnipeg MB Canada R3J 1J7
(204) 488-4038

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Deodorizing and sanitizing tips for objects where dogs and cats play

April 27, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

The areas and the objects where play pets like cats and dogs usually require a more frequent cleaning, due to the spread of pet hair and the risk of thriving unhealthy bacteria. That’s why you should pay more attention to these objects in the house and a great idea is to clean them on a weekly basis. The deep cleaning should also be quite frequent like every month or within a few months. However, the best way to ensure cleanliness and to make the rooms more visually pleasing is to deodorize and sanitize when deep cleaning. Next are few tips and examples of what’s to come during this yet overwhelming and complex activity.

First, deep clean carpets and rugs with a hot water cleaning machine. Use a rental carpet machine or call a dependable and professional cleaning company and request a quote. The hot-water extraction method is perfect for deep cleaning whole carpets and rugs. The decreasing power of the hot water eliminates bacteria and pollen, while dissolving greasy spots and dirt in the meantime. Moreover, you can add a tiny amount of a deodorizing and sanitizing agent to enhance even more the cleaning power of the machine. It’s like doing three or more activities at a time. The final effect should also be flawless, especially after a complete drying of the treated surfaces. Just make sure that your rugs and carpets are safe for cleaning via hot-water methods. Always consult the label on the backing of the carpet, first.

Sofas, chairs and pillows are other important objects to sanitize. For this, use a vacuuming machine to pre-vacuum the edges of the sofas, the seat and the areas under the elbow rests. Pre-vacuum under the sofa or just everywhere. You don’t need to remove the hardest stains or to try to achieve a clean effect. Pre-vacuuming is just a preparation of the upholstery, as well as fastest and easiest way to get rid of the pet hair. Then, make yourself a homemade sanitizing detergent of boiling water, baking soda, salt, dish-washing detergent and a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol. Apply the solution onto the heavily stained areas and spots, and rub well with a clean towel. Repeat the procedure until the dirt dissolves and it forms a clean foam. Then, let it soak up to sanitize and eliminate all the bacteria and microorganisms.

Clean bed coverings and deep clean the mattresses. The light textile surfaces like bed sheets and other light objects can be deep cleaned and sanitized in the washing machine. Just run it on a higher water temperature. Then, clean the mattresses if needed according to their labels and apply an extra protective spray against bacteria and microorganisms. This will ensure the cleaning effect for a longer time and it`s an especially important extra layer of protection when you let your pets to play on the beds.

After deep cleaning and sanitizing, there may be a need for deodorizing. This will reduce the pet odor and it’s important to use only eco or pet-friendly deodorizers. They usually work on all kinds of surfaces – from carpets and tiled flooring, to tables, sofas and chairs in the living room.

Above all, make sure to take regular cares about the cleanliness of your pets themselves. An antimicrobial dog leash is one of the quintessential methods for protection when you walk the dog outdoors. A regular veterinary inspection will also ensure cleanliness and safety for your pets, which on the other hand means less unhealthy bacteria and a need for sanitizing or deodorizing the entire house.

Read more sanitizing and cleaning tips on our website

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Simple and Effective Green Practices at Home

April 06, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

Preserving the environment is a topic that is becoming ever more important. With organizations and companies doing their fair share to become more involved in protecting the environment and developing green technology, it only makes sense to continue this trend and bring this desire to go green to households as well.

Going eco-friendly is not easy sometimes, as it requires dedication and commitment to an important cause. If you truly wish to be considered an eco-friendly person, there are some things that you can do in that direction. Some of them require big investment, while others require nothing more but a change of habit and establishing a routine. You can implement any number of the following suggestion to your home and start contributing to a greener and cleaner environment.

-       Green cleaning – this is among the most common green solutions that you can implement in your home, but unfortunately it is also the most problematic in that it requires a huge investment. People begin to discover the benefits of single household solar and wind power, as such systems are becoming more popular. But implementing a system like this will not come cheap. It is a long-term investment, which often requires 10 or so years to pay off. If you are willing to invest, you have to keep in mind that such installations require professional cleaning service and maintenance.

-       Eco-friendly cleaning solutions – one of the most obvious solutions that you should definitely implement in your home, in order to embrace the green idea. Every cleaning company is trying hard to develop more efficient green cleaning methods and techniques. If they can do it, so can you in your own home. It is not too hard. Start by replacing some of your cleaning products with all-natural green cleaning solutions. There are numerous recipes that include non-harmful materials which you use in your everyday life. Some of them make pretty efficient cleaners, which can get the job done.

-       Reduce and replace plastic – plastic is one of the biggest enemies to the environment. Tons of plastic materials end up in landfills every year, not to mention how much plastic waste can be found in the oceans. All of this is really taxing on the environment and for this reason you should make sure that you do not contribute with any unnecessary plastic waste. Instead of plastic, switch to glass containers. They are far healthier because they will not spoil the food and liquid. Additionally, when it comes to cleaning service, they are much more durable.

-       Reduce energy consumption – households can easily have over 70 appliances nowadays. With such a huge number, energy consumption can easily reach high levels, but you must do everything in your power to make sure this does not happen. So what can you do? For starters, you need to understand that a good number of appliances continue to drain power just by being plugged in. These are nicknamed ‘energy vampires’ and can often times contribute a good 10% increase in the electricity bill. Make sure those are unplugged whenever you are not using them. One more thing you can consider is acquiring energy-efficient gear.

All of the outlined suggestions for green living can be implemented in your home. Doing so will ensure a step towards a safer environment and a cleaner tomorrow.

More cleaning tips find at this website

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The Health and Aesthetic Benefits of a Vertical Garden

March 25, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

As a business owner, you’re probably interested in finding ways to incorporate natural touches of beauty around the office. While your building might not have a large plot of land for a traditional garden, chances are good that you have an interior or exterior wall that could use a little greening up. How about a vertical garden?

Vertical gardens 101

Mother Nature Network explains why the popularity of vertical gardens is on the rise; instead of needing a wide and flat space to grow, a vertical plot uses an existing wall to create a place of beauty. As a bonus, and depending on what plants you choose, a vertical garden can be grown either indoors, outdoors or both. In addition to looking really cool, My Plant Connection outlines how vertical gardens provide a nice variety of tangible benefits: insulation for the outside of a building, and reduction of the urban heat island effect.

A vertical garden can also protect the building’s exterior by shielding it against the harsh rays of the sun and the driving rain. A vertical garden is also inherently insulating, which means it can make an office more energy-efficient and use less power to heat and cool the building. Vertical gardens outside can also block unattractive but necessary objects like dumpsters and recycling stations, HVAC units and electric meters; a screen can be placed in front of these objects and the vertical plants grow on the screen to hide anything you don’t want passers-by to see.

Health benefits of vertical gardens

An indoor vertical garden provides all of the health benefits that traditional plants offer. The garden detoxifies the air, reducing inside pollution and removing VOCs and other nasty toxic substances like formaldehyde and benzene from the office air. For offices with high ceilings and open spaces, a well-placed vertical garden will absorb some noise for a more calm and stress-free environment.

Green Plants for Green Buildings cites a variety of studies proving how plants make office workers more productive while also reducing their stress levels. In general, people who work in businesses that include plants are an average of 12 percent more productive than those who are in “green-less” offices.

How to create a vertical garden

Ready to take the proverbial plunge and add a vertical garden to your office? There are plenty of places to gather inspiration. A good example is the four-story “biowall” at the University of Guelph-Humber Building. This biofilter is the mother ship of vertical gardens: installed more than 10 years ago, it acts as a natural indoor air purifier and helps to keep the building cool in the summer.

Spend some time researching and refer to the FTD website, which features an entire section on green plants that would look right at home in a vertical garden. In addition, the Self Sufficient Living website features 15 vertical garden ideas, including a collection of two-litre pop bottles made into planters that are attached to a wall. Last, visit 500eco for beautiful and inspiring photos of the famous vertical garden in Milan, billed as the largest vertical garden in the world.

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Using Solar Power to Make Your House More Eco-Friendly

March 11, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

There are many reasons why we can agree that decreasing the amount of money spent on our energy bills is a wonderful thing, but that takes a bit of research and preparation if you want to make it happen. Residential solar power usually has less efficiency compared to commercial solar power, but you can still benefit from using solar power to a great extent. Green energy takes a specific approach, so the following tips will point out how you can use solar power to make it happen:

  • Commercial systems have quite a few advantages you can make use of, especially compared to residential solar power systems. They are usually installed in well-lit locations where the technology can work on a greater scale, allowing for the use of more efficient storage cells and other tech connected to photovoltaic solar power.
  • There is a good reason why people like a set of solar panels around their homes. They offer the chance of independence from your local power supplier and it will lower your dependency of fossil fuels, staying away from dirty energy sources. Installing solar power around your home is a possibility, especially useful when you’ve done a home clearance and moved into a new home. If you happened to buy a place that has far too much that needs to be cleared out, then waste disposal, junk removal and garden clearance will be necessary before you move forward with your plans.
  • There are ways you can have a more efficient technology than the usual photovoltaic one, which is SWHS (Solar Water Heating Systems), which provide a cheaper, yet still reliable alternative to the usual PV system. Photovoltaic technology take at least a decade to pull their own weight financially, paying off as they are used, but solar water heaters are faster when it comes to such terms.
  • Once you figure out the subsidies into the final price, you will be able to pay off the price of a SWHS system in the span of a few years, unlike the decade or so of a photovoltaic system. SWHS will also provide more efficiency in terms of electrical energy as well when it comes to heating water as well. Both technologies have their ups and downs, so you would do well to do a more thorough research of what they have to offer before you make your choice.
  • Natural gas costs are on the rise, ever so slowly climbing up because of a number of reasons, so having solar power is an excellent way of staying ahead of the curve and away from such issues. If you’re looking for solar power for simply supplemental purposes, then you will still find what you’re looking for. You would do well to check if you can make an energy audit to figure out how this type of system would benefit you in the long run before you move and make your choice.


For more helpful tips visit this website

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