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Expert Mosquito & Tick Control Joins The Green Business Bureau


Expert Mosquito

Press Release

For Immediate Release July 20, 2016

Quincy, Massachusetts – When most people think of pest control, toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides come to mind. Many of these pesticides are formulated in a laboratory setting, with little regard to the sustainability of the ecosystem or the planet. As a pest control company, Expert Mosquito & Tick Control feels it is important to make clients realize that they are committed to helping the environment. Their goal is to implement sustainable industry practices that will improve environmental impact and to ensure the health and safety for their customers. The company practices integrated pest control methods, which helps to control mosquitos and ticks using nature as a guide.

Reinforcing their values of environmental conservation and natural resource management, Expert Mosquito & Tick Control has joined the Green Business Bureau, which is a national membership organization that uses an online assessment to certify green businesses. Expert Mosquito & Tick Control embodies the goal to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged enterprise in the industry and looks forward to solidify their commitment to a green environment for their customers.

Among Expert Mosquito & Tick Control’s key environmental initiatives:

  • Educate or customers as to which types of plantings and vegetation naturally repel mosquitos and ticks
  • Offer a 100% naturally organic option to control mosquitoes and ticks
  • All pesticides used are EPA approved as safe for residential applications
  • The insecticides are safe for children and pets
  • The insecticides also do not harm unintended insects, such as honeybees and butterflies
  • Use their products on their own property

For more information on Expert Mosquito & Tick Control, please visit

For more information on the GBB program, please visit

About Expert Mosquito & Tick Control: Offers property protection from mosquitoes and ticks to customers in both a residential and commercial capacity. Offers one-time event sprays as well as seasonal protection.  Summer in New England is such a short window!  Why not enjoy as much time outdoors as possible without the nuisance and health risks associated with mosquitoes and ticks!

Contact Information:

Stephen Novick, President/CEO
Expert Mosquito & Tick Control
1200 Hancock Street, Suite 311
Quincy, MA 02169

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Van Eerden Foodservice Joins Green Business Bureau




Press Release

For Immediate Release July 15, 2016

Van Eerden Foodservice Company Joins The Green Business Bureau
Grand Rapids, Michigan – By committing to going green, Van Eerden Foodservice Company is paving the way for future growth that will make the foodservice distributor more competitive. Their commitments will reduce their environmental footprint, which in turn will support their clients’ environmental objectives. Since their services support minimizing waste and energy usage, Van Eerden feels a particular obligation to be responsible with their choices and actions.


Reinforcing their values of saving natural resources, Van Eerden has joined the Green Business Bureau, which is a national membership organization that uses an online assessment to certify green businesses. Van Eerden embodies the goal to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged enterprise in the industry, and Green Business Bureau will work closely with the company to achieve that goal. As part the certification process, GBB will:

  • Provide continual updates on ways to go green
  • Highlight the easier, more attainable, and smaller projects to work on towards going green.
  • Schedule quarterly or semiannual webinars with updates and Q&A’s
  • GBB rep to come and visit and assess areas for improvements


Since joining, Van Eerden has implemented key environmental initiatives:

  • Place a company employee on the organizing committee for the same or another event to achieve maximum involvement and exposure
  • Place an outdoor ashtray or cigarette butt can in a convenient space for smokers
  • Put your refrigerator and other appliances on timers and turn off refrigerator for 90 minutes twice a night, while nobody is going in/out of it
  • Donate leftover and unwanted food-to-food banks
  • Install light switch occupancy sensors in proper locations to automatically turn off lighting when no one is present
  • Replace regular light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL) that last longer and save energy
  • Arrange the workspace to take advantage of areas with natural sunlight; design future spaces with natural lighting opportunities in mind
  • Reduce air leaks with weather stripping and caulking around windows and doorways.
  • Use lighting more efficiently with task lighting and daylighting
  • Arrange for a single delivery of several items from vendors

For more information on Van Eerden Foodservice, please visit
For more information on the GBB program, please visit

# # #

About Van Eerden Foodservice: Van Eerden Foodservice Company is an independent, broad line foodservice distributor that is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has provided quality foodservice products and services since 1920 throughout the Midwest. We offer a wide range of national brands and private label dry and frozen foods and serve a diverse group of customers. Van Eerden Foodservice is a partner with Pro*Act, a national network of local produce distributors that has taken on the initiative of Greener Fields Together (GFT). GFT engages every link in the fresh food supply chain – from farmer to distributor to customer – to work toward more conscious production and consumption. The initiative provides a level of assurance that produce sourced and delivered through our network has been grown, harvested and handled using sustainable practices.

Clay Verkaik
Manager of Produce
650 Ionia Ave., SW
Grand Rapids, MI, 49501

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Green Business Bureau Exclusive Membership Offer


Heal Estate logo

Heal Estate is a unique and transformative online community created to inspire, educate, connect, and motivate people globally towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to support eco-friendly businesses gain greater visibility in order to create a significant impact on our world.

Your membership in the Green Business Bureau demonstrates your company’s commitment to sustainability. We applaud that commitment and would like to extend an exclusive offer to all Green Business Bureau Members:

  • 12 month Membership as a Heal Estate Member
  • 12 month listing in our Sustainable Membership Directory
  • 12 month subscription to our monthly GreenZine newsletter


Green Business Bureau Exclusive Pricing

Earth Membership $225.00

Forest Membership $450.00

Sky Membership $675.00


Achieve a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) by reaching a targeted audience of buyers for sustainable products and services.

  • Millennials, the fastest adopters of sustainable lifestyle products and services
  • Young adults who have been working hard to change our environment and demand that for their children
  • Baby-Boomers who are looking to change and/or upgrade their lifestyle to eco-friendly and sustainable products and services
  • Business People who are looking to have the most eco-dynamic products on the market to satisfy their customers


Heal Estate subscribers are individuals who seek to learn more about creating a sustainable environment for their future. These highly educated buyers look for a one-stop location where they can identify the best methods to secure their sustainable lifestyle goals, and be able to connect with businesses that can provide these products and services directly to them. Your membership listing in our community directory is where our qualified buyers will find your business.


  • Monthly website unique visitor growth rate of over 50% month to month
  • Time spent on Heal Estate website averages over 7 minutes per viewer
  • New subscriber growth rate of over 30% of visitors month to month
  • Monthly outreach to our active database of GreenZine newsletter subscribers


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To take advantage of the Green Business Bureau Exclusive Offer


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* Valid Through July 30th, 2016 *






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5 Resources for Small Businesses Who Want to Go Green



Eco-friendliness is a substantial trend for businesses and consumers nowadays. With much awareness to the current status of Mother Nature and planet earth, we are all compelled to help and make an effort to save our home planet. Big and small businesses alike are incorporating “green” in their offices, products and services. Here’s how you can make your business eco-friendly.

  • Go paper-less.

A paper-less work environment is the first and most popular move towards a green business. Going paper-less can save a lot of printing which can conserve and cut back on electricity usage. It can also cut back the use of papers which can decrease the budget for paper resources and this will have a good impact on the environment.

You can also start investing on biodegradable materials in your office such as biodegradable cleaners, toilet necessities, trash bins and recycled office supplies. In going paper-less, you can move to a more automatic and computer-generated work process which can have a positive impact for you business.

  • Practice waste segregation.

Waste management is a great help for your business and for the environment. Put up waste bins with labels for biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recyclable trash that you and your employees can start segregate waste effectively. This is helpful for your business because it will allow you to recover recyclable materials that can cut down expenses.

Invest in trainings and communications for waste management and segregation so that your employees will be aware of the implications in segregating their wastes. This action will also resound to your homes which can have a good impact for the environment.

  • Conserve energy.

Energy consumption is one of the highest expenses in any type of business. Electricity usage is an important factor for any business to run, regardless of the nature of business. It is also the highest contributing factor for pollution because of the chemical emissions from your appliances. Thus, cutting down and conserving energy can have a positive impact on the environment and also an effective way to cut down your budget for electricity.

Conserving energy can be done in many simple ways such as turning off the lights in meeting rooms and other rooms that are not always in use. You can also turn off appliances and gadgets such as printers and computer monitors if they are not in use.

  • Replace outdated appliances.

Office appliances that are outdated often have higher energy consumption than the newer and updated ones. Although it will mean a new investment to upgrade your appliances and work tools, the effects of this upgrade can actually be beneficial such as cutting down your electrical and energy consumption, faster and more efficient work tools which can increase productivity and updated tools to help your grow your business

  • Invest in eco-friendly work materials.

In maximizing your resources to make your business green and eco-friendly, you should invest in eco-friendly work materials. To literally add “green” to your office, you can put up indoor plants that can help with air circulation inside your office. You can also invest in eco friendly cars instead of conventional cars. This will help the environment through the use of electric batteries and internal combusting engines that can produce less air pollution.

Going green is not only a big help to the environment, you will also be able to cut down your energy uses and cut down your expenses – which is absolutely beneficial to your business. You will be able to attract consumers who are enthusiasts of environmentalism, which at this day and age is almost everyone.

Promote and grow your business by going green.

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Heal Estate Joins Green Business Bureau


Heal Estate

Heal Estate

The Resource for Sustainable Living


Los Angeles, California – Heal Estate is The Resource for Sustainable Living. Heal Estate is a revolutionary and transformative online community designed to inspire, educate, connect, and motivate people globally towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

“The heart of Heal Estate lies in its values, ethics and social consciousness involving the resources, materials, energy sources, and products for a healthy lifestyle. With Heal Estate, eco-conscious people around the world will have a resource to access and learn about sustainable living. Our goal is to be leaders in protecting and preserving our world for ourselves and future generations.” – Adrienne Kessler, Founder and CEO

Reinforcing their values of sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle, Heal Estate has joined the Green Business Bureau, which is a national membership organization that uses an online assessment to certify green businesses.  Heal Estate embodies the goal to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged enterprise in their industry.

Heal Estate connects buyers and sellers of sustainable products by providing products and services from sustainable affiliates on our Website. Affiliates are qualified as sustainable businesses prior to having access to our worldwide network of sustainable buyers. Heal Estate also provides an opportunity for affiliates of sustainable products and services to be visible to our buyer network by becoming a Member of our sustainable community.

Membership information can be found on the Heal Estate Website, (Join Us).

Adrienne Kessler is the Founder of Heal Estate. Heal Estate launched in 2015 with the vision to protect and preserve the planet for the purpose of creating a globally conscious community. Our mission is to engender knowledge and awareness of the need for universal sustainability.


About Heal Estate

Heal Estate, LLC, is a unique online business developed to promote the welfare of the global community towards complete disclosure, accountability, integrity and sustainability. As we move towards a more globalized economy, we become more dependent on other countries for our resources. This creates a crucial challenge for the environment, both locally and abroad.

Heal Estate is Registered Trademark under Classes 41 and 35.

Contact: Adrienne Kessler
Founder and CEO
PO Box 123
Studio City, CA 91602

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Financial Benefits of an Eco-friendly Business



Why You Should Look into Going Green

From financial corporations to manufacturers and builders, most any company can now reap the plentiful financial rewards of taking their business in an eco-friendly direction. Your company can benefit from tax breaks, government subsidies, savings from eco-friendly practices, and increased popularity and demand through your standing as a green company. So, whether you offer services for people seeking to sell their structured settlements, or you run a dry cleaning business, eco-friendly business practices are a cost-effective, smart and responsible business goal.

Increased Demand for Eco-Friendly Goods Translates into More Profits

Consumers are increasingly demanding natural products and social responsibility from vendors and suppliers through sustainability and green practices. More importantly, many are willing to pay more for these values and demands. The Nielsen global online survey this year identified 66 percent of its worldwide study respondents with this commitment to eco-friendly products, services and businesses. The following green factors were cited in the top eight deciding factors:

  • Goods made from natural, fresh, organic ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly brand
  • A brand recognized for its social value
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Ads that spotlight association of environmental and social benefits with the brand

Tax Benefits and Other Financial Incentives

The U.S. government understands the need for sustainable and renewable energy. In efforts to support this approach, it offers various tax advantages to businesses that go green. This includes tax breaks, rebates and other monetary enticements. These financial incentives are offered on both the state and federal levels. Some examples follow.

  • Business deductions for installation of HVAC, interior lighting or hot water systems that significantly reduce power use
  • Tax credits and grants of 10 and 30 percent for use of alternative energy properties
  • Tax credits for use of alternative vehicles that meet specific fuel-efficient standards
  • Bonus depreciation for qualified recycling and reuse of certain equipment or machinery

Government Subsidy Benefits

Tax breaks are not the only government advantages offered to green businesses. There are a number of grants, subsidies and financing programs available as well for the company or entrepreneur who seeks to be eco-friendlier. The Environmental Protection Agency provides grants for qualified programs that are related to environmentally responsible approaches for a variety of business operations. The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers financing solutions to business organizations that support green solutions in new construction, retrofitting existing structures and the advancement of green technologies. These are but a few of the many government subsidies available to companies that effect environmentally friendly practices and solutions.

Increased savings from the use of organic and natural materials and smart energy use

Eco-friendly business measures naturally lead to savings. Practices such as energy conservation, recycling, use of water-saving devices, energy-efficient equipment, solar power and reduced waste help keep costs down, and have proven time and again to be far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional energy use.

Your Business Benefits from the Popularity of a Green Reputation

Green companies and brands are typically more appealing to clients, customers and employees, and this appeal is growing steadily, This results into more income, which if invested in schemes like structured settlements or annuities, they help out to be a great helping hand in case fund emergencies. The Nielson global online survey mentioned earlier supports this conclusion, as do numerous other studies and surveys that track consumer trends. With workers and consumers alike recognizing and placing increasing value on environmentally friendly products and companies, it makes good business sense for every organization to explore this option.

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