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How to Deal with Humidity at Home

January 27, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

The air we breathe and walk through all the time contains moisture, but the air temperature is what keeps this level high or low. When the air is warm and it comes in contact with a cold surface, this results in condensation which becomes a breeding ground for mold spores that circulate around the air as well. High humidity levels make a muggy home, which makes upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and bathroom cleaning a huge chore that becomes harder in time and may need the services of professional cleaners.

Our daily activities will end up creating more moisture in the air, things like drying clothes, washing; cooking and even our very presence in a room without proper ventilation can easily create more humidity. Once the air contains too much moisture it cannot hold, it reaches a saturation point when it turns back into water and you can see condensation occurring. To keep that from happening around your home and dealing with the subsequent problems such as mold, wood warping and more, you can do quite a few things. The following tips will give you more information on the subject and ways you can stop condensation:

  • You can focus on the use of extractor fans around your home, specifically areas rich in humidity such as the kitchen and bathroom. Shutting the doors to these rooms while the extractor fans work will get the job done in most cases, but it will still not be enough in the long run for most problematic areas.
  • You can also focus on using dehumidifiers, which provide a tangible and easy to use solution for small and large spaces. They work on extracting water from the air by using different filtering systems and disposing of it into a container you can empty later down the line. Whether they use a desiccant, ionic membrane or thermoelectric cooling really doesn’t matter, the end result is drawing the moisture out of the air and deposing it into a container.

  • You need to ensure your rooms will always have proper and adequate ventilation at all times. Trickle vents on your windows will also help a great deal, but you would do well to do more to keep your air away from the saturation point. Using heat recovery ventilation units will allow dumping damp air from your home and bringing fresh air back inside your home through a different grille, then putting it through a heat exchanger so it will be warmed up before bringing it back in. You can also buy a central exchange system which draws moist air out of your home, dumping it outside from all rooms and bringing in clean and fresh air in.
  • Make sure you have walls with sufficient insulation so they will be warm and that they won’t become a cause for condensation in the long run.


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Go Eco-Friendly. How to Recycle Moving Boxes

January 21, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

The moving house process is over, but your sufferings are not quite over. After you unpacked your belongings, you are probably left with piles of cardboard boxes. You might be tempted to simply throw them in the garbage and forget about the problem. Since nowadays everything can be recycled, why not handle the issue in a “green” way by recycling the redundant storage boxes. Take advantage of these options to dispose them.

Ask Around

You know the saying “one man’s trash is another’s man treasure.”  Chances are you know someone who is also moving house and can get a good use of your cardboard boxes. Check with friends and relatives before throwing anything away.

Donate to a Charity

….or any local institution as a matter of fact. For instance, your city library will surely need storage solution to move and conserve books. The near community centre will also make good use of it

Go through a box broker. Depending on where you live, many cities have companies that specialize in buying and selling used moving boxes. Do a Google search or check with local removal companies.

Put Your Boxes Online

Yes, there are sites even for that. BoxCycle is ideal for people who live in the U.S. All you need to do is to list the boxes for sale and the company will do the rest for you. This is a great starting point that is worth checking out!

Cragalist is yet another excellent place to post boxes. You can sell exchange or give them away. It is a quick easy and most importantly free way of getting rid storage options that you don’t need any more.

U-haul’s community boards work similarly to Craigslist. This is a typical site for buying, selling and exchanging items, including used boxes. These online community boards are very flexible. You can look for people, who are requesting boxes or you can post a message.

Compost It!

Although, this is not one of the best ways to handle the situation, some people use these boxes as a compost bin. You should place the bin in a flat ground level, preferably in your backyard. Still, it should be protected from the wildlife. The decomposing process consists of two phases. First you need to start “cooking” your waste in a tumbler and then you can put them in the bin to finish the decomposing.  

Local Recycling Programs

There are many cities and towns that offer recycling big amounts of cardboard. The downside is that you will probably need to drive your waste to the community centre. When you make your research ask about details such as size, amount or whether   the boxes should to be flattened.

You can also check with a removal company.  During moving house you probably, used removal service to get rid of unnecessary appliance. See if the removals offer any type of box clearance. Very often they are involved in green practices and will recycle the boxes for you.

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How Do Solar Panels Work

January 14, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

The idea of “solar revolution” gained huge popularity, especially in the context of the current fluctuating prices of the conventional energy sources. What makes the solar power so preferred is its abundance and relative permanence. The sun is one of the most reliable energy providers among the renewable sources.

In addition, you produce your own energy. The electricity will cost you less because it doesn’t get overpriced when sold by your local utility. Installing solar panels will not only cut your electrical bills, but it will also increase the value of your property. In a broader picture, it reduces the environmental pollution and serves as a hedge against the inflation of the electric costs. Of course, this type of energy production has a downside – it cannot be used when the sun sets down and it requires regular cleaning of the panels.

The Process

A solar powered home can generate almost all the energy to satisfy its needs with the help of solar photovoltaic panels. At the most basic level, the PV technology converts the solar energy into electricity.  All panels are covered with multiple layers of photovoltaic cells. They capture the photons emitted from the sunlight and transform it directly into electricity. The cells are semiconductor devices that incorporate a PN junction. This is a junction between negatively charged material with excess of electrons and a positively charged material that lacks electrons. When the speeding photons from the sunlight hit the junction, they free up the electrons and create an electrical current in the solar panel.

The Photons

The sunlight is composed by small elementary particles called photons. They are created in the Sun’s core. It takes millions of years to get to the surface of the star, but after that they reach the Earth for roughly eight minutes.

The Material

The most common semiconductor material is silicon. Generally, thicker layers provide the cells with higher electrical potential, but it also makes it difficult for the light to penetrate.  The silicon and crystalline in particular have specific chemical qualities that enhance the electrical current.  Its properties are due to the structure of its atom that fourteen electrons organized in three shells. The outer shell has only four electrons and will always try to fill the void by sharing electrons with four other atoms. This is how the crystalline structure is developed.

The downside is that silicon is not a very efficient conductor of electricity, because of the steady state of its electrons that cannot move freely. That is why the silicon atoms are mixed with other atoms, usually phosphorous ones. 

Maintenance of the Solar Panels

This is the key to keep the solar panels efficient and properly functioning for a longer time. Luckily they don’t require any huge efforts. Cleaning on a regular basis is a must. You can use standard cleaning products or purchase cleaners that are specifically designed for solar panels. Avoid sprinkling cold water over the solar energy system. Use a typical garden hose for cleaning the face of the panels.

Now when you know the process works, you can pick the proper solar system that will fit your lifestyle. Although, the technology bares improvements, the solar energy  provides huge possibilities for the energy production in the future.

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Practical Office Cleaning Tips

January 07, 2015 | By: Admin | No Comments

Working in an office environment is something a lot of us share, a job that has its good sides and bad sides, but in the end we can all agree upon one thing: a filthy workplace is something extremely unpleasant and counterproductive. For that reason alone we can and should keep the dust away from all our belongings, not to mention do our best to kill the germs on our desk and keyboard while we’re at it. The tips ahead in this article will give you a few ideas on what you can do to make sure this will never become a problem around your favorite spot in the office:

  • One of the still present problems around any office building is the ever present use of paperwork that still needs organizing. Despite the growing digitalization of the way we handle information around an office, things still eventually need to be put on paper for one reason or another. You would do well to have a viable way to keep these things organized and easier to use so you won’t have to deal with too much dust on your desk. This will make cleaning far less of a chore and something much easier to handle in the long run.
  • Make sure you avoid eating over your keyboard, as this will make things absolutely worse when you need to follow it up with cleaning it later down the line. There is simply no need to do this, since the crumbs will fall between the buttons on most keyboards and they will later serve as food for bacteria. You can simply shake the keyboard from loose crumbs every so often, as well as other things such as dust, hair and dander. You may need to replace or dismantle the keyboard once in a while to keep things looking good and ready while you work.
  • Something else you need to do to keep things clean is to organize the desk you work on, so you won’t have to dig through a bunch of your possessions each time you need to dust and clean it. This task should be done on a semi-regular basis to avoid dealing with more problems as the months move on. Fewer decorations on your desk will mean less issues you need to deal with, so your personal space will be far easier to clean.
  • You should also focus on remembering where things go and keeping them where they need to be as you move on with your day.  The more organized you are, the easier it will be to clean things in the long run.
  • Your main problem at work will often be your own belongings rather than the actual cleaning job, so you would do well to keep them under control so you won’t have to deal with far too much on your plate when you clean. Sanitize your desk and electronics once in a while and you will have a far easier time overall.

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These Window Upgrades Can Help You Rent Your Property Faster

December 19, 2014 | By: Admin | No Comments

Windows play an important role in how desirable your home is to renters. For starters, they’re an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to energy efficiency. In a survey done by, nearly 85 percent of respondents said they want to live in or own a eco-friendly home, and nearly 68 percent would pay more for an eco-friendly home. Windows also create interesting visual elements and add character to a space, making the property more appealing. Make some eco-friendly updates to the windows on your property, and you’ll attract more renters who are willing to spend a bit more on rent.

Curb Appeal & Your Entryway

Grab their attention from the moment they pull up with some interesting design choices. Make sure to work with the natural architecture of your home; for example, if you have a Victorian home, install stained glass windows. For a classic look, install white wood shutters on the exterior. For modern design, install a front door with glass paneling that allows natural light to come through. Techniques like adding grids of windows that are visible from the street will give the exterior a face-lift while opening up the interior of the home. You can also install sidelights on both sides of your front door to add visual interest.

Let the Light In

Sunlight adds cheer to a home, and exposure to sunlight is proven to help restore people’s mental and physical health. Choose window treatments that allow the sun to stream in and give people a sense of warmth associated with light and sunshine. Doing so makes a space feel airy, comfortable and relaxed. Cellular blinds are a great option for any windows; different styles will block out, trap in or filter light that comes into space.

Exposure Matters

Northern exposure windows seldom see the sun, so you will want to use a few design tips to keep the space feeling open, light and fresh. Use light and neutral paint colors, like creams, yellows and whites to make a room feel open and large. Adding plants and bright pops of color will look great on a neutral background. Plants also make air quality better and help to bring nature indoors.

Southern and western exposure windows receive the most sunlight and can add a lot of light and heat to a room. East and west-facing windows receive more sunlight during summer months, and south-facing windows are ideal for solar heat during winter months.

Window Treatments

Approximately one-third of a home’s total heat loss occurs through windows and doors, according to a study by the Natural Resources Defenses Council. Luckily, you can use window treatments to help regulate the temperature in the home. When it’s hot out, cover windows on the south, east and west sides of the house, as they receive the most sunlight. When it’s cold, leave shades and blinds open on sunny days and keep them closed at night. You can purchase custom window treatments that will help keep the heat in and the cold out. Just make sure to think about the weight of the materials you buy and be mindful of the way they block or filter light. Window treatments should balance out the room and add color, texture and character, bit detract from it.

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Upgrade Your Office Lighting to Go Green

December 15, 2014 | By: Admin | No Comments

Lighting is not the first thing that you notice when you go to work, but it surely has a huge influence, not only on the office, but also on the environment. Adding a little a green touch to the working place should be of high priority.  Changing the lighting bulb is not the only way to bring change to your office. You can make improvements in terms of the kind of fixtures and power sources you use. Don’t underestimate the powerful impact of eco–friendly habits.

The Green Bulb

Let’s start with the basics. Replace the standard incandescent bulbs with their fluorescent alternatives. They come in different colours and sizes and can be easily incorporated in your office interior. Fluorescent bulbs, also, make sense in economical terms. They save energy and have a longer lifespan. Although, you will need to spend a little bit more upfront, the investment will repay. You can take advantage of the online clearance of online stores and warehouses. If these reasons are not enough, the eco – friendly devices are safer because they emit less heat. In this way your office space will be easier to cool during the summer.

Go LEDs!

The fluorescent bulbs are good, but the LEDs (light emitting diodes) are even better. Their clever technology makes them extremely efficient, reducing the energy consumption by almost 90% percent. A LED light bulb has a long life and lights up faster than its counterparts. Currently they are considered expensive, but they are starting to gain popularity on the market and become more and more affordable. Again you can check on the internet for any seasonal clearance.

What about the materials?

The light may be the most important feature, but it should not be the only one you should consider when buying a bulb. Pick lamps and fixtures with eco – friendly characteristics. For instance, they are made out of recycled, reused or natural materials such as metal, glass plastic or wood and cloth.


If you are using fluorescent lamps, keep in mind that they cannot be simply put in the trash. As most of the bulbs they have small quantity of mercury. Instead, you should turn to your local recycling facility or check what options are available in your area. If you are performing a clearance by removing your old lighting fixtures, you can hire a professional clearance company. Pick one that incorporates green practices. The rubbish removal is your responsibility and you should have an eco – friendly approach. The good news is that for what is known LEDs don’t contain mercury. This doesn’t mean that you are free to have reckless approach.

Motion Sensors

They are the perfect way to control the lightning at your office. If you or your co – workers are caught in their job and forget to turn – off the lights, this is the perfect solution. Dimmers can be adjusted in order to bring as much light as you need.

Buy Green Power

You can promote the green lifestyle at your office by buying green energy. It will cost you a couple of dollars more, but in this way you will support renewable sources.


Natural light is still the greenest way to handle your indoor lightning. The sun provides you with healthier full – spectrum light for free. Keep the blinds. Big windows and skylights will let the natural light penetrate the office. This will save energy and will create a soothing office atmosphere.

Initiate a “green revolution” at your office, starting from your lights!

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