4 Reasons to Become a Green Cleaning Company


In today’s eco-concerned environment, green cleaning is becoming a buzzword as average people look for ways to keep the air and materials in their homes safer for their families. As the citizens of the United State’s continue to be concerned about environmental issues, they are starting to have more than simply air pollution, fossil fuels and ozone depletion on their mind. These larger global issues are leading people to think about smaller issues in their own lives, specifically things that they can do to make a difference in the health of not just the world at large – which can seem a daunting task for the individual – but for their own immediate environment of their home and workplace. Thus, green cleaning has become a topic of interest for many people, in our homes, schools, government buildings, offices and more.

Given this relatively recent trend towards wanting green cleaning, an entirely new area of opportunity is opening up for people to start new businesses in green cleaning, or to move their cleaning company into the fields of green with new green cleaning products and processes. Pick up any local coupon flyer that gets sent to neighborhood households and you will see at least one carpet cleaning or maid service company advertising their services as green cleaning, further evidence that this trend is on the upswing.


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Following are four reasons why now is the time to become a green cleaning company and pull ahead of the pack:

Reason #1 to become a green cleaning company: Consumer Demand The human brain has turned green; eco-friendly initiatives are on the mind of every consumer out there. Homemakers are looking to ensure that the materials and air in their home is safe for their family. Office managers want to be able to tell their employees that they have their health in mind as they use environmentally friendly cleaning practices to keep the office place truly clean. School boards are increasing becoming concerned with green cleaning as parents demand a safer environment for their children. Across every avenue of America, green cleaning is becoming more and more in demand.

Many companies are already out there starting to meet this demand. Seventh Generation has created a good brand of eco-friendly cleaning products for the home. Multiple school systems are requiring green cleaning. The list goes on. Companies who fail to respond to this consumer demand will slowly lose their customer base, while those companies who are early adopters will thrive as their customers become active supporters, and as they are able to test their products and proactively improve with the technology. The laundry detergent industry has illustrated this to some extent as many companies have started to self-regulate by removing certain tri-phosphates from their products and eco-friendly laundry detergents become common place.

Another important note is that if companies fail to proactively respond to this consumer demand for green cleaning, consumers will find other places to spend their money and get what they need. For example, homemade laundry soap that uses minimal, natural ingredients is becoming very common; dozens of such recipes exist online. Additionally, natural products such as vinegar are being used to replace chemical laden fabric softener in an industry that has been slow to offer any viable green options. Certainly, proactively migrating to green cleaning is necessary for any company that wants to grow, or even maintain, their customer base.

Reason #2 to become a green cleaning company: Investors and Stock-Holder Pressure As consumers begin to demand green cleaning products and services, investors and stock-holders start to demand that the companies be accountable to their consumers and give them what they want. Failure of an existing cleaning company based on traditional cleaning products and methods to stay with the pace of modern development and consumer philosophy’s can result in a loss of investors, stock-holders selling off their shares, and even bank loan officers recognizing the weakness in a stagnant business plan and refusing loans for expansion or operating capital. Thus, it is important that a cleaning company work to proactively migrate to green cleaning in their products, processes, services and advertising. The sooner a company begins to make the change the green cleaning, the better off they will be in the long run.

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Reason #3 to become a green cleaning company: Making a Better World Of course, meeting consumer demand should not simply be about selling a product and making money. For a company to really do well in the green cleaning field they have to make an honest commitment which includes a mission for the company and an intention to add true value to their world through their new product and processes. In short, green cleaning should be about making a better world.

Through green cleaning products a cleaning company can feel confident that they are helping keep the world clean – certainly a healthful pursuit – without releasing unhealthy chemicals and toxins into the environment that logic tells us would negate any benefits of “clean.” If a company truly commits to green and is honest in their green cleaning efforts, customers will feel that honesty and be drawn to a company who is truly seeking to help make the world a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for us all. And, the owners of that company will also be making an investment in the future health of their own children.

Reason #4 to become a green cleaning company: EPA Requirements and Government Regulations

As in many areas of our environment, it is reasonable to assume that government regulations are not far off. In fact, at least four states have already passed their own laws requiring that only green cleaning products be used in school buildings. Some states have expanded this to include government buildings. Protecting the everyday consumer and their home cannot be far behind.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already has an extensive portion of their website dedicated to green cleaning. On this site they list research studies about the value of green cleaning and the dangers of toxic chemicals inherent to traditional cleaners. They also provide information on what companies are going green and what consumers should look for in green cleaning products.

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